Image of scrap vehicles in Kildare to be disposed of by ED Scrap Cars, car disposal in Kildare is carried out by ED Scrap Cars

ED Scrap Cars is a scrap vehicle buyer in Maynooth County Kildare specialising in buying scrapped cars and end of life vehicles throughout County Kildare.

As Kildare scrap car buyers, Ed, proprietor of ED Scrap Cars, is experienced in collecting all type of scrapped cars, cars to be disposed of are collected from all parts of County Kildare and end of life vehicle certificates are issued upon collection of all vehicles for scrapping.

The scrapped vehicle collection in Kildare carried out by ED Scrap Cars includes; car disposal, van disposal, light commercial disposal, 4x4 disposal and vehicle disposal.

Image of ED Scrap Cars sign, scrap cars in Kildare are paid for by ED Scrap CarsPaying cash for scrap vehicles in Kildare is a speciality of ED Scrap Cars.

Cars with and without NCT certificates are collected for scrapping, Ed provides quotations by phone on scrap vehicles based on condition, vehicles in all conditions are bought, vehicles are depolluted in preparation for scrapping and all end of life vehicle disposal is carried out in compliance with all Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment legislations.

The scrap vehicles in Kildare bought by ED Scrap Cars include; cash for scrap cars, cash for scrap vans, cash for scrap light commercials, cash for scrap 4x4s and cash for scrap vehicles.

Image of scrap cars in Kildare collected by ED Scrap Cars, scrap car collection in Kildare is carried out by ED Scrap CarsCollecting scrap vehicles in Kildare is carried out by ED Scrap Cars.

As scrap car specialists, Ed has recovery trucks suited to recovering vehicles of all sizes, all recovery trucks are fitted with automatic winches ensuring efficient vehicle loading and vehicles can be collected from all Kildare areas.

The scrap vehicle collection in Kildare available from ED Scrap Cars includes; scrap car collection, scrap van collection, scrap light commercial collection, scrap jeep collection, scrap motorbike collection and scrap 4x4 collection.

Image of compacted cars in Kildare, cars in Kildare are disposed of by ED Scrap Cars and end of life vehicle certificates in Kildare are issued by ED Scrap CarsEnd of life vehicle certificates in Kildare are issued by ED Scrap Cars for all scrap vehicles collected.

All scrapped vehicles are removed in a safe and secure manner, a Department of Transport Certificate of Destruction is provided as proof of scrappage and Ed can advise on all vehicle disposal queries.

Some of the questions Kildare car disposers ED Scrap Cars answer include; Where can I take a scrap car? Where can I get an end of life vehicle certificate? Who collects scrap cars? How much is a scrap car worth?

For more information phone Ed 086 2747 866