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DJ Farriery is a Kildare farrier specialising in equine conformation issues and horseshoeing throughout Kildare and surrounding areas.

As a master farrier in Kildare, David Finnegan, proprietor of DJ Farriery is a D.W.C.F qualified farrier, having trained under the highly regarded Welsh Master Farrier, Mark Evans D.W.C.F, with 13 years experience in all aspects of farriery and corrective equine shoeing.

The farriery services in Kildare provided by DJ Farriery includes; horseshoeing, horse hoof conformation, hoof conformation correction, corrective shoeing and diagnosing horse hoof ailments.

image of horse shoeing in KildareHorse shoeing in Kildare is a specialty of DJ Farriery.

David is a FRC Approved Training Farrier and is an extensively educated horse shoeing specialist who uses expert techniques to provide horse shoeing and equine hoof trimming of the highest standards.

The horse shoeing in Kildare available from DJ Farriery includes shoeing; dressage eventers, show jumping horses, polo ponies, horses in stud farm, racehorses, riding horses and working horses.

image of hoof correction in Kildare

DJ Farriery provides hoof conformation correction in Kildare.

With a trained eye in equine conformation, David can evaluate leg and hoof conformation and can recommend the corrective procedures to help and improve conformational abnormalities.

The horse hoof conformation in Kildare provided by DJ Farriery includes; foal conformation correction, yearling conformation correction, equine corrective shoeing, remedial horse shoeing, hoof trimming, hoof trimming and conformation correction.


image of hoof ailment from DJ FarrieryDJ Farriery in Kildare diagnoses and treats horse hoof ailments.

Familiar with all types of horse hoof conditions and problems, David assesses and diagnoses equine hoof ailments and diseases and can advise on the corrective methods best suited to individual horses conditions.

The equine hoof ailments in Kildare  treated by DJ Farriery include; laminitis, stone burse, equine hoof cracks, solar abscesses, hot nail, street nail and navicular disease.

For more information on farrier services in Kildare call David on: 089 240 0622