PV solar panels and air to water heat pumps in Kildare are installed by Myles O'ReillyMyles O’Reilly is a renewable energy engineer in Kildare who specialises in PV solar panel installation and heat pump installation throughout Kildare.

As a Kildare solar energy engineer, Myles is RGI registered, local authority approved, contracted to Kildare county council and has 15 years experience in the solar PV panel and heat pump sector.

The renewable energy services in Kildare provided by Myles O’Reilly include; heat pump installation, PV panel installation and PV panel maintenance.

Air to water heat pumps in Kildare are installed by Myles O’Reilly.

Experienced in installing all domestic and commercial air to water heat pump systems, Myles can advise on what type of air to water heat pump system is best suited to individual requirements and free estimates on air to water heat pump installations are available.

The air to water heat pump services in Kildare available from Myles O’Reilly includes;heat pump installation, heat pump fitting, heat pump system configurations and installing of all type of heat pumps including CTC heat pumps, Viessmann heat pumps, NIBE heat pumps and Samsung heat pumps.

PV panels in Kildare are installed by Myles O'ReillyPV panel installation in Kildare is a speciality of Myles O’Reilly.

SEAI registered and fully insured, Myles customises solar PV systems to individual requirements and all solar PV systems installed comply with the Full Capital Allowances Tax Incentives.

The PV panels in Kildare installed by Myles O’Reilly include; residential PV solar panel systems, commercial PV solar panel systems, agricultural PV solar panel systems, PV solar panels, photovoltaic panels and grant approved PV solar panel systems.

Questions on heat pump installation in Kildare can be answered by Myles O’Reilly.

Having worked on many renewable energy projects, Myles is familiar with all renewable energy product installations and can help in providing solutions to upgrading homes to sustainable energy heating systems.

Some of the questions on heat pump installation Myles is often asked include; Are heat pumps a good investment? How many years does a heat pump last? When should I turn my heat pump to emergency heat? Is a heat pump a good investment? How much do you save in terms of energy for a heat pump? How much does a heat pump cost? Is heat pump cheaper than gas? Should a heat pump run all the time? Are heat pumps efficient in cold weather?

For more information phone Myles 085 7384 215