Nuenna Environmental Services ltd is a septic tank cleaning company in Kilkenny, providing affordable, specialist septic tank emptying services in Kilkenny City and County.

As a fully licensed Kilkenny septic tank cleaning company (Waste permit Number Wcp-kk-11-313-02) Nuenna environmental adheres to all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

Nuenna environmental services ltd provides septic tank emptying and cleaning in Kilkenny and surrounding areas including: Freshford, Castlecomer, New Orchard, Dunbell, Callan, Paulstown, Johnstown and Ballyragget.

Residential septic tank emptying throughout Kilkenny is provided by Nuenna Environmental Services ltd.

All blockages in pipes from septic tanks back to houses are cleared thus helping to eliminate bad odours from septic tanks.

The services provided by Nuenna environmental septic tank cleaning in Kilkenny include; Septic tank cleaning, Septic tank emptying, Septic tank unblocking and Septic tank desludging.

Cleaning septic tanks in hard to reach places is a speciality of Nuenna Environmental’s septic tank cleaning in Kilkenny.

For cleaning septic tanks that are difficult to reach Nuenna Environmental uses one of their smaller septic tank emptying tankers and use long suction pipes thus preventing damage to property when cleaning septic tanks.

This hard to reach septic tank emptying service in Kilkenny is ideal for cleaning; septic tanks in gardens, septic tanks in lawns, commercial septic tanks and hard to reach septic tanks..

Regular septic tank cleaning and waste disposal is essential to avoid problems with septic tanks overflowing.

With their many years’ experience in septic tank cleaning Nuenna environmental services can answer any questions on septic tank cleaning.

Regular questions answered by Nuenna environmental services in Kilkenny include, What causes bad odour from septic tanks? Why do septic tank seep? How often should septic tanks be cleaned, How much does it cost to get a septic tank emptied and Why is the septic tank percolation area wet.

For more information call Nuenna environmental services ltdon 056 8832 334  or 087 657 2327