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Derrymore Agri Services are fencing contractors in Laois, who specialise in providing a complete fencing service in County Laois and the surrounding counties.

Laois Fencing Contractor VideosAs a fencing specialist in Laois, Henry Kavanagh, proprietor of Derrymore Agri Services, has many years' experience in fencing, and with the most modern fence manufacturing and installation equipment, a wide range of fencing projects in Laois are undertaken.

The fencing services in Laois provided by Derrymore Agri Services include: agricultural fencing, equine fencing, residential fencing, commercial fencing, and fencing product sales.

Agricultural fencing in Laois is a speciality of Derrymore Agri Services.

Agri fencing LaoisFully trained in all aspects of providing agricultural fencing, Henry is very familiar with the types of fences required for different stock, can advise on what type of fencing is best suited to individual requirements, and agricultural fencing in Laois can be installed at short notice.

The agricultural fencing in Laois installed by Derrymore Agri Services includes; sheep wire fencing, barbed wire fencing, electric fencing, agricultural fencing, post and rail fencing, and agricultural security fencing.

Equine fencing in Laois is erected by Derrymore Agri Services.

Horse wire fencing LaoisHighly experienced in constructing safe and secure equine fencing, Henry designs horse fencing to suit individual specifications, equine fencing can be erected at all required heights, and free quotations on equine fencing in Laois can be provided.

The equine fencing in Laois erected by Derrymore Agri Services includes: post and rail equine fencing, equine, stud flexible rail fencing, equine wire net fencing, horse paddock fencing, gallop fencing, and horse arena fencing.

Residential fencing in Laois is installed by Derrymore Agri Services.

Residential fence installation LaoisFences in a vast variety of sizes and materials can be supplied and erected, different styles of residential fences to match existing exterior decor are stocked, temporary fences can be erected on housing sites, and residential fencing in Laois can be installed at times suiting individual requirements.

The residential fencing in Laois provided by Derrymore Agri Services includes erecting: residential post and rail fences, residential picket board fencing, post and panel fencing, chain link fences, and animal compounds.

Fencing products in Laois are sold at the Derrymore Agri Services fencing supply centre.

Fencing accessories LaoisWith a wide range of fencing materials and accessories in stock, Henry can source required fencing items, fencing products sold by Derrymore Agri Services are competitively priced, and free delivery on fencing products in Laois is available.

The fencing products in Laois available from Derrymore Agri Services include: fencing posts, straining posts, stud rail timber, sheep wire, barbed wire, electric fences, panel fences, security fences, and all fencing accessories.

For more information on fencing in Laois, phone 087 612 3122