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JME Services Ltd. are networking communications servicing specialists in Limerick, who repair and maintain all types of access control and data networks in Limerick City and throughout County Limerick.

Van, access control maintenance LimerickAs a local access control and data network repair expert in Limerick, John McCarthy, proprietor of JME Services, has over 24 years' experience in data network maintenance, is VAT registered, and provides a complete maintenance and repair service for all types of data network and access control systems in Limerick City and County Limerick.

The networking maintenance in Limerick provided by JME Services includes: access control system maintenance, access control system repair, data network maintenance, data network repairs, intercom maintenance, intercom repairs, GSM control system maintenance, and GSM control system repairs.

Access control system maintenance and repair in Limerick is a speciality of JME Services.

Access control maintenance & repairs LimerickFully qualified in all aspects of access control system maintenance, and with the latest electronic test equipment, John easily detects faults in access control systems, spare parts commonly required for access control system repairs are stocked, and access control system repairs in Limerick can be arranged at short notice.

The access control system maintenance in Limerick available from JME Services includes servicing and repairing: maglocks, rimlocks, card access systems, Bluetooth access control systems, automatic gate control systems, barrier systems control, ACT access control, and Comelit intercoms.

Data network maintenance and repair in Limerick is provided by JME Services.

Data network maintenance & repairs LimerickRegular maintenance contracts for data network servicing in Limerick are provided, standard and VOIP telephone systems are installed and serviced, data network security can be upgraded, and all data network maintenance and repairs are carried out in compliance with all Telecommunications Industry Association regulations.

The data network maintenance and repairs in Limerick available from JME Services include maintaining and repairing: local area networks, campus area networks, virtual private networks, VOIP phones, standard telephone systems, CCTV systems, and wireless networks.

GSM control system maintenance and repair in Limerick is carried out by JME Services.

GSM control maintenance & repairs LimerickFamiliar with faults commonly occurring in remote control systems, John is highly experienced in the latest GSM technology, ensures all GSM control systems are up to date, and contract GSM control system servicing in Limerick can be arranged.

The GSM control system maintenance and repair in Limerick available from JME Services includes maintaining and repairing: fault notifications by SMS, remote gate opening, remote control of electronic devices, remote control of sprinklers, heating system remote control, and remote configuration of access systems.

For more information on networking system and access control repairs and maintenance phone 087 231 1847 - 061 349 540