Verminator are rapid response pest controllers in Limerick who specialise in providing emergency pest control in Limerick City and County Limerick.

As a rapid pest controller in Limerick, Robert Dickson, proprietor of Verminator, is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of pest elimination and has over 40 years experience in the control and eradication pests.

The pest control and pest eradication in Limerick available from Verminator includes a fast response pest control for control of; birds, rabbits, rodents, foxes and insects.

Providing solutions to eliminate and disperse large flocks of birds in Limerick is a speciality of Verminator.

Experienced in eradicating large flocks of birds causing problems to all types of industries, Robert, on inspection, puts a culling program in place, licences if required are attained, birds can be trapped in large numbers and a regular bird control program can be put in place.

The bird control in Limerick available from Verminator includes; solutions to eliminate and disperse large flocks of; wood pigeons, crows, seagulls, magpies, feral pigeons and jackdaws.

Rabbit and fox eradicating in Limerick is provided by Verminator.

An on-site survey on each infestation is assessed and a control method is put in place, which can include shooting, trapping, repellents, habitat modification and elimination of rabbits and foxes.

The pest eradicating in Limerick available from Verminator includes pest control in; grain stores, feeding lots, farms, chicken farms, piggeries, retail units, golf clubs, super markets, parks, grain stores, factories, colleges, schools and all industries with pest control problems.

Consultancy on pest control in Limerick is provided by Verminator.

With all the latest pest control equipment available, Robert undertakes all types of pest infestations in the commercial sector and all Verminator’s pest control complies with government guidelines under the Safety, Health and Welfare at work Act 2005.

The pest control services in Limerick provided by Verminator includes; Deer culling, rodent control, vermin elimination, wildlife control, squirrel control and cat control.