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McNally Steel Fabricators LongfordMcNally Engineering are steel fabricators in Longford who specialise in steel fabrication, erecting steel structural buildings and manufacturing steel gates and railings in their steel fabrication workshop in County Longford.

As long-established CE Class 2 Certified steel fabricators in Longford, McNally Engineering, have over 25 years’ experience in steel fabrication, are fully insured, VAT registered and Garry, proprietor of McNally Engineering provides quotations on fabricating and constructing steel structures throughout County Longford.

The steel fabrication services in Longford provided by McNally Engineering includes manufacturing and erecting; industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, farm buildings, steel railings and steel gates.

Manufacturing farm building County LongfordManufacturing and erecting farm buildings in Longford is a speciality of McNally Engineering.

All types of agricultural buildings are fabricated, farm buildings are manufactured to exact specifications, roof cladding suitable for farm buildings is supplied and fitted, and Garry can manufacture feeding barriers, doors and all steel structures required for farm buildings.

The agricultural building fabrication in Longford carried out by McNally Engineering includes manufacturing and erecting; slatted units, dairy parlours, sheep sheds, piggeries, machinery sheds and all farm buildings.

Steel railing fabrication LongfordSteel railing fabrication in Longford is provided by McNally Engineering.

Steel railings can be manufactured in a wide range of designs, steel railings fabricated, can be erected, steel railings can be galvanised, or powder coated, and Garry provides a site survey and measuring service on properties in Longford requiring steel railings.

The steel railings in Longford fabricated by McNally Engineering include manufacturing and fitting; decorative railings, garden railings, boundary railings, balcony railings, galvanised railings, stair railings and ramp railings.

Steel gate manufacturing LongfordSteel gate manufacturing in Longford is carried out by McNally Engineering.

Made to measure steel gates, gateposts and gate hangers are fabricated, steel gates are manufactured in a wide variety of styles and McNally Engineering provide a full fitting service in Longford for all steel gates they fabricate.

The steel gates in Longford fabricated by McNally Engineering includes manufacturing and fitting; entrance gates, side gates, decorative gates, industrial gates, galvanised gates and security gates.

industrial steel building fabrication LongfordIndustrial steel buildings in Longford are fabricated by McNally Engineering.

With a purposely built steel fabrication workshop and all the machinery required for erecting steel buildings; large industrial steel construction projects and small industrial steel construction projects in Longford are undertaken, all steel structures fabricated by McNally Engineering are CE Certified and all work is carried out in compliance with all health and safety regulations.

The commercial steel fabrication in Longford provided by McNally Engineering includes erecting and manufacturing; warehouses, steel prefab buildings, factories and all steel structural buildings.

Steel fabrications for house renovations LongfordStructural steel fabrications for house renovations and new build construction are supplied by McNally Engineering.

Made to measure RSJ lintels can be fabricated, steel beams for window openings and attic conversions can be manufactured to required sizes and on-site fitting of all structural steel in buildings can be arranged.

The structural steel for buildings fabricated by McNally Engineering includes; steel beams for attic supports, made to measure RSJ lintels, steel beams for replacing bearing walls, steel beams for house renovations, steel beams for supporting buildings and steel beam structures required for carrying out demolition.

For more information on steel fabrication in Longford phone 043 3324705 - 087 252 8931