Image of Longford chimney sweep, logo.Seanie’s Chimney CleaningSeanie’s Chimney Cleaning is a professional chimneyImage shows chimney in Longford cleaned by Seanie's Chimney Cleaning sweep in Longford who specialise in providing chimney cleaning and stove cleaning in Longford town and County Longford.

As local chimney cleaners in Longford, Sean Mimnagh, t/a Seanie's Chimney Cleaning, has many years experience in the Longford fire service, can identify and advise on chimney fire hazards, recommend a chimney cleaning schedule to maintain chimney condition and free quotations on all chimney sweep services are available.

The chimney sweep services in Longford provided by Seanie’s Chimney Cleaning include; chimney cleaning, stove flue cleaning, chimney power sweeping and brush chimney cleaning.

Image shows rotary system in Longford used by Seanie's Chimney Cleaning to clean chimneysChimney cleaning in Longford is a speciality of Seanie’s Chimney Cleaning.

Equipped with a modern chimney cleaning rotary system, Sean provides a full cleaning service for all chimneys ensuring a 60% cleaner result than traditional chimney cleaning methods, regular removal of creosote reduces risk of fire in all chimneys and using an industrial hoover ensures a dust free finish after all chimney cleaning services.

The chimney cleaning in Longford available from Seanie’s Chimney Cleaning includes; chimney sweeping, chimney unblocking, chimney flue cleaning, chimney descaling and cleaning old chimneys.

Image shows stove in Longford cleaned by Seanie's Chimney CleaningStove cleaning in Longford is provided by Seanie’s Chimney Cleaning.

Familiar in cleaning all types of stoves, Sean uses flexible flue cleaning rods enabling the cleaning of all sizes of stove flues, properly cleaned stove flues ensures better fuel efficiency and stove cleaning is available at short notice.

The stove cleaning in Longford available from Seanie’s Chimney Cleaning includes; instert stove cleaning, solid fuel stove cleaning, pot belly stove cleaning and stove flue cleaning.

Image shows fireplace in Longford cleaned by Seanie's Chimney CleaningSeanie’s Chimney Cleaning can advise on the benefits of regular chimney sweeping.

With many years experience in chimney cleaning, Sean adheres to the National Fire Protection Association guidelines and can advise on the importance of regularly cleaning chimneys; regular cleaning improves chimney efficiency, decreases fire risk and annual chimney inspections can be arranged.

Sean is available to answer all chimney cleaning questions, including; How often should I clean my chimney? How often should I clean my stove flue? How can I improve the efficiency of my chimney? How can I reduce my carbon monoxide risk?

For more information phone 086 1687 630

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