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Jo Geoghegan-Lennon is a holistic therapist in Ardee providing a complete range of holistic therapies and therapeutic massages in Body Mechanics Clinic in County Louth.

As a local massage therapist in Ardee, Jo Geoghegan-Lennon, proprietor of Body Mechanics is a fully qualified therapeutic massage practitioner with over 20 years experience in all aspects of holistic and healing massage therapies.

The massage services available in Body Mechanics Ardee Clinic include; massage therapy, holistic therapy, sports therapy, Reiki, dry needling and aromatherapy.

back massage therapyHealing massage therapies in Ardee are provided by Body Mechanics.

Jo Geoghegan-Lennon is a registered massage therapist with the Complementary Therapists Association and is fully insured to carry out massage therapies to treat all types of ailments and health conditions.

The healing massage therapies in Ardee available from Body Mechanic are beneficial for; back pain, backache, shoulder pain, headaches, chronic pain, leg pain, joint aches and nerve pain.  

holistic massage roomHolistic therapy is a specialty of Body Mechanics Ardee.

All holistic massage treatments are carried out in Body Mechanic’s relaxing and calm treatment rooms with special deals available on multiple holistic treatments booked together.

The holistic therapies in Ardee provided by Body Mechanics include; reflexology, deep tissue massage, full body massage, Indian head massage, Reki, auricular candle therapy and heat massage.

aromatherapy oilsAromatherapy in Ardee is available from Body Mechanics.

Knowledgeable in all aspects of aromatherapy, Jo Geoghegan-Lennon can advise on the aromatherapy treatment best suited to individual requirements and ailments.

The aromatherapy in Ardee provided by Body Mechanics aids; stress, tension, anxiety, tiredness, circulation problems and sleeping problems.

sports leg massageSports therapy in Ardee is provided by Body Mechanics.

With a diploma in sports therapy, Jo Geoghegan-Lennonuses advanced massage techniques to treat and prevent the worsening of all types of deep tissue injuries.

The sports massage in Ardee available from Body Mechanics is ideal for; torn ligaments, muscle injuries, injury rehabilitation, tissue damage, surgery rehabilitation and joint inflammation.

Dry needling treatments in Ardee is a speciality of Body Mechanics.

As a professional holistic therapist in Ardee, Jo is familiar with which myofascial trigger points are best treated by dry needle therapy, dry needling is aimed at treating muscle tissue and reducing pain, advice can be given on the suitability of dry needling for individual muscle tissue complaints, and dry needling in Ardee can be arranged at short notice.

The dry needling in Ardee carried out by Body Mechanics is beneficial to: muscle relaxation, increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, quicker healing response and general wellbeing.

Dry needling ArdeeCupping treatments in Ardee are carried out by Body Mechanics.

As a fully qualified massage therapist in Ardee, Jo is highly familiar with cupping massage techniques, cupping can be beneficial for reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow, wet and dry cupping applications are available, and Jo will advise on what ailments that cupping may be beneficial for.

The cupping massage services in Ardee provided by Body Mechanics may be beneficial for: pain reduction, inflammation, improved circulation, pain relief, increased mobility, and decreasing toxins.

For more information on Massage in Louth call Jo Geoghegan-Lennon on 041 685 3727 or 086 2788 994