Waterjet Creations

Waterjet Creations Collon Business Park Kells Road Collon Co Louth.

Since our establishment in 2004 Waterjet Creations has provided a dedicated WATERJET CUTTING and ABRASIVE WATER JET CUTTING service to our customers.

We have over 40 years experience in Laser and Waterjet cutting.

With over 40 years combined Laser and Waterjet experience in cutting a wide variety of materials and thickness to achieve their desired results, we are uniquely placed to provide you with the best cutting service possible.  We have invested in the latest Waterjet Technology from Bystronic , to ensure that we can provide you with a quality and competetive service.

We have two Bystronic BYJET 3015 machines

We have two Bystronic BYJET 3015 machines , one equipped with a Roatry axis for tube and RHS cutting and the other machine equipped with a drill at each cutting head to process delicate materials and laminates.

We also have a range of polishing equipment

We also have a range of polishing equipment, including a Grindingmaster 2000 series with a 900mm wide polishing capacity, which can give a range of grained brushed finishes from the very coarse to 320 grit.

We deliver components quickly to meet our customer’s demand

The key to Waterjet Creations future success is our ability to deliver components quickly to meet our customer’s demands. We can import both DXF and DWG files into our dedicated CAD/CAM software package from our customers and quickly have the design efficiently created in the desired material and on our machines quickly turning ideas into precision machined parts

Water jet Cutting - Technical Overview

CNC Water Jet cutting uses a very high pressure jet of water upto 55,000 psi (3930 bar), usually with an added abrasive media. Water Jet cutting provides a huge thickness range capable of accomodated from 200mm down to 0.1mm and with accuracy of up to 0.05mm over 1m (positional and repeatability).

The cold process does not heat the parent material, so there is no heat affected zone, burning or surface hardening.

Unbeatable detail to material thickness ratio means very small and precise holes can be cut into very thick material. Suprisingly, Water Jet Cutting competitive pricing beats lasers and milling machines in many circumstances and keeps on going at thicknesses which lasers could only dream of

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