The Training Station Drogheda are a training and fitness centre who provide fitness classes and personal training in Drogheda.

With their dedicated fitness instructors, this Drogheda fitness studio provide unisex training classes which are suitable for all levels of fitness.

FitnessTraining Station in Drogheda is ideally located for anyone training for sports or personal fitness in Drogheda and surrounding areas including; Laytown, Bettystown, Mornington, Duleek, Termonfeckin, Clogherhead, Dunleer and Collon.

Group fitness training is available at The Training Station in Drogheda at the most affordable prices.

Fitness GroupTraining is an ideal way to enhance your fitness with friends and motivators and discounts are available on all Group fitness training monthly classes at this Drogheda fitness centre.

Fitness Training Classes are available in blocks of 18 sessions for 6 weeks or 36 sessions for 12 weeks and all bulk Fitness Training packages come with free nutrition and assessments.

Discount Gym membership deals are also available from The Training Station Drogheda for off peak times.

The group fitness training sessions available from this Drogheda fitness studio include fitness training benefits such as; psychological support, social opportunities, motivation, affordable rates, weight loss, body building, muscle development, powerlifting, membership deals, variety, fun and strength and conditioning.

The Training Station Drogheda provide personal training sessions tailored to suit any level of fitness.

All personal trainers at this Drogheda fitness studio are fully qualified in all aspects of personal fitness and sports first aid and can provide the best fitness results in minimum time, allowing clients to achieve their goals and developing personalised workouts.

The personal training sessions available from The Training Station in Drogheda include benefits such as; assessments, weight loss, improving cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, overcoming obstacles, endurance, balance, posture, coordination, body fat reduction, body shaping, toning, focus on unique health concerns, core strength, goal achievement and personalised workouts.

Training sessions for sports are provided by The Training Station in Drogheda

The Gym Instructors at this Drogheda training centre understand body pattern and movement and are qualified to train for all sporting events, marathons providing training that helps in avoiding sports injuries.

The Training Station Drogheda sports fitness program is adeal for any of the following sports including; pre-season training, football training, GAA training, rugby training, athletics training, marathon training, high intensity training, endurance training, power, speed, agility, maintain peak conditioning, translate strength to speed and rehabilitation.

The Training Station Drogheda provide clients with diet plans tailored to suit their lifestyle and exercise regime.

The instructors at this Drogheda fitness studio are highly experienced in assessing the dietary needs of each client and supply information on nutrition, supplements.

Diet plans available from The Training Station in Drogheda include; meal plans, supplements, nutrition information, low calorie food, low carbs, low fat food and weight loss plans.

For more infromation Phone 085 882 9621