Chinese Massage Louth LogoAmy is Chinese Massage Therapist in Louth and provides professional massages in her Chinese Massage Centre near Drogheda County Louth.

Qualified in all aspects of traditional Chinese healing techniques, Amy is dedicated to providing first class Chinese massage and Chinese massage therapies.

Amy’s Chinese Massage Centre in Louth provides a wide range of massage therapies including; gua sha massage, full body massage, deep tissue Massage, medical massage, head massage, foot massage, traditional Chinese medicine and sports injury massage.

Gua Sha Chinese massage in Louth is available in Amy’s County Louth Chinese Massage Centre.

Amy specialises in the Ancient Chinese medical treatment Gua Sha in which the skin is scraped with stone producing light bruising, stimulating blood flow and healing in injured areas of the body.

The Gua Sha Chinese massage therapy in Drogheda available from Amy’s Chinese Massage Centre is beneficial for; chronic back pain, poor circulation, lymphatic congestion, inflammation, fatigue and physical or emotional stress.

Full body massage in Louth is provided by Amy’s Chinese Massage Centre.

Amy’s full body Chinese massage stimulates the circulatory and nervous systems improving overall health and well being for both body and mind.

The Chinese full body massage in Drogheda  provided by Amy’s Massage Centre eases; muscle pain, muscle aches, pregnancy pain, joint pain, bad circulation and chronic fatigue.

Sports Injury Massage in Louth is available from Amy’s Chinese Massage Centre.

Qualified Masseuse Amy is trained to identify and treat problem areas of the body using a variety of Chinese deep tissue massage therapies and techniques helping to restore normal muscle function.

The sports injury massage in Drogheda provided by Amy’s Massage Centre can prevent sporting injuries and improves; muscle performance, sporting injuries, athletic injuries, poor flexibility, swelling, post activity fatigue and muscle tension.

With many years experience as a Chinese Massage therapist in Drogheda, Amy can answer many questions on the medical benefits of Chinese Massage.

Some of the questions Amy is frequently asked include what are; alternative treatments for pain relief, holistic treatments for body ailments, treatment for muscle tension, natural headache remedies and massage treatments for back pain.

For more information on massage in Drogheda phone  086 1758 416