Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd are cosmetic surgery consultants in Ireland who arrange cosmetic surgery consultations in Drogheda County Louth, and organise cosmetic surgery abroad in Lithuania.

Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd is operated by Arthur and Daiva Rakauskas, who specialise in organising cosmetic surgery for clients in Ireland seeking cosmetic surgery abroad.

The benefits of acquiring cosmetic surgery from Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd include; affordable cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery abroad, cosmetic surgery post-care in Ireland, cosmetic surgery consultation in Ireland and cosmetic surgery cost abroad.

Arranging cosmetic surgery abroad is a speciality of Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd.

Pre-cosmetic surgery consultations are carried out in a cosmetic treatment clinic in Drogheda and working with a team of highly qualified plastic surgeons, Daiva arranges cosmetic surgery abroad including, travel, accommodation, flights and airport transfers.

The cosmetic surgery treatments provided by Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd include; Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Facelift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Ear Correction, Eyelid Surgery, Lip Augmentation and Nose Surgery.

All cosmetic surgery abroad arranged by Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd is carried out in state of the art operating theatres and by highly qualified plastic surgeons who specialise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

The medical team providing the cosmetic surgery organised by Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd includes; Mantas Sakalauskas, Jonas Staikunas and Gediminas Samulenas.

Cosmetic surgery aftercare in Ireland is arranged by Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd.

Cosmetic surgery post checkups with surgeons in Ireland is available to all clients who have cosmetic surgery abroad arranged by Drogheda Cosmetic Treatment Ltd and phone support on cosmetic surgery aftercare is provided.

Arthur and Daiva are available to answer any questions regarding cosmetic surgery including; How do I know if the cosmetic surgery clinics abroad are accredited? Is there any follow-up care after cosmetic surgery abroad once I return home? Are the cosmetic surgeons qualified? Will health insurance cover me if there are complications if I have cosmetic surgery performed abroad? What are the prices of cosmetic surgery cost abroad?

For Further information please call 087 7488 712