counselling droghedaCounselling Drogheda is an acredited Drogheda counselling clinic specialising in mental health counselling and addiction counselling for adults and adolescents throughout Drogheda and surrounding areas.

As professional counsellors in Drogheda, Counselling Drogheda’s highly trained counsellors are fully qualified and provide a specialised counselling service beneficial for all types of mental health issues and addictions.

The counselling services provided by Counselling Drogheda include; counselling for addiction, counselling for depression, bereavement counselling, anger management counselling, couples therapy, relationship counselling and counselling for parents.

depression counselling droghedaCounselling on depression in Drogheda is available from Counselling Drogheda.

Counselling Drogheda provide a non judgmental depression counselling service with all issues discussed throughout counselling sessions strictly confidential between counsellors and clients.

The counselling on depression in Drogheda provided by Counselling Drogheda includes counselling for; clinical depression, high functioning depression, panic attacks, anxiety, self harm, sleeping issues, self esteem and confidence.

bereavement counselling droghedaBereavement counselling in Drogheda is provided by Counselling Drogheda.

Understanding the various issues that may arise from the loss of a loved one, Counselling Drogheda have a variety of different counselling methods to help overcome all types of problems caused by bereavement.

The bereavement counselling in Drogheda available from Counselling Drogheda includes counselling on: spouse bereavement, child bereavement, loss of a loved one, loss of a parent, mourning process, loneliness and guilt.

anger management counselling droghedaAnger management counselling in Drogheda is available from Counselling Drogheda.

Highly experienced in all aspects of behavioral studies, the fully qualified counsellors in Counselling Drogheda provide counselling for anger management issues at competitive rates.

The anger management counselling in Drogheda provided by Counselling Drogheda includes counselling on; anger issues, temper problems, relationship issues, work issues, rage management and controlling anger.

addiction counselling droghedaAddiction counselling in Drogheda is a specialty of Counselling Drogheda.

Counselling Drogheda’s counsellors have many years experience counselling individuals and couples affected by all types of addictions and provide counselling sessions and ongoing support for addiction and substance abuse problems.

The addiction counselling in Drogheda provided by Counselling Drogheda includes counselling for; alcohol addiction, drug addiction,  nicotine addiction, cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, smoking addiction, marijuana addiction, heroin addiction, meth addiction, prescription drug addiction and pain killer drugs addiction.

relationship counselling droghedaPositive parenting counselling and couple's relationship counselling in Drogheda is available from Counselling Drogheda.

Knowledgeable of the effects of family and household changes, Counselling Drogheda’s counsellors provide counselling for all types of challenging relationship and family transitions.

The parenting counselling and relationship counselling provided by Counselling Drogheda includes; couples counselling, couple’s therapy, marriage counselling divorce counselling, parental counselling, teenage counselling and end of relationship counselling.

For more information contact Counselling Drogheda on: 041 983 3684 or 086 398 4950 or 087 3766 727