Parent and baby swimming classes in Louth.

Parent and baby swimming classes are for children from 5months to 5 years. These swimming classes are an excellent way to introduce children to the water, to build confidence and teach them all the fundamentals of swimming in a fun and controlled environment. Drumcar swimming pool is an excellent swimming pool for young children as the temperature is always 30 degrees or more making it a very comfortable learning experience.

Children's swimming in lessons in Louth.

Small group swimming sessions with the swimming instructor in the water are how we like to start young children with limited swimming experience. These structured swimming lessons help them progress quickly and learn to swim through the water unaided. They then progress to a swimming class with the swimming instructor on the poolside.

Adult swimming lessons in Louth.

Adult swimming lessons are also a fun way to learn a new life skill and keep fit at the same time. It’s never too late to learn to swim and our expert swimming instructors are there to help and encourage you all the way. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise, keeping pressure off your joints with the support of the water.

Swimming Lessons also provided in Gormanstown Co. meath on Saturday's.

For more information on swimming lessons in Louth phone -  041 6851 742 or 086 079 3277