Scrap Cars Ireland is a long established vehicle car disposal business and pays the highest prices for all scrap vehicles.

As a licensed authorised car Disposal Company Scrap Car Ireland can dispose of any vehicle and issue end of life certificates.

Scrap Cars Ireland pays the highest prices for,  Scrap cars, Scrap Vans, Scrap 4x4s, Scrap light commercials and scrap vehicles.

This environmentally friendly vehicle scrapping business has many years’ experience in scrapping all type of vehicles.

Providing an environmentally safe vehicle disposal service you can be assured that your vehicle will be deposed in accordance with Environment Agency regulations.

The vehicle scrap services provides by Scrap Cars Ireland include; car disposal, van disposal, licensed vehicle disposal, safe car disposal, vehicle scrapping and insurance write off vehicles.

Scrap Cars Ireland is a professional car dismantling business specialising in vehicle insurance wrights, and disposing them safely and legally.

Scrap Cars Ireland specialises in the following car disposal services, insurance wright offs, scrapping cars, van wright offs, crashed cars, disposing of write off vehicles, legal disposal of vehicles and waste vehicles.

At Scrap Cars Ireland all vehicles are depollute and recycled, all makes and models of vehicles regardless of condition are bought and the owner will be issued with a Department of Transport Certificate of Destruction as proof of scrappage.

With their many years in the car scrapping businesses Scrap Cars Ireland can answer any questions you may have on vehicle scrapping.

Some of the questions that Scrap Cars Ireland can answer include, how much is a scrap car worth? How much is a scrap van worth? Where can I take a scraped car? Who collects scraped cars? And Where can I get end of life certs?.

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