Maria Mullen Yoga provide an excellent Yoga Dundalk service and have many different yoga classes Dundalk to provide you with a range of different yoga classes Dundalk which will be ideal for whichever type of yoga class you are looking for.

Maria Mullen yoga translates the yoga teachings into simple yoga practices.

Maria Mullen Yoga is based in Dundalk which is excellent for residents from Dundalk and surrounding areas looking to practice yoga.

Maria Mullen Yoga specializes in Anti Gravity Yoga Dundalk. Anti Gravity Yoga Dundalk is Excellent for beginners as it is possible to get Yoga Beginners into an inversion on their first session.

Maria Mullen Yoga has Different classes to suite your level ranging from Beginner Yoga classes Dundalk all the way up to Advanced Yoga classes Dundalk.

Anti Gravity Yoga classes are available in Dundalk and surrounding areas.

Anti Gravity Yoga Dundalk is partially different to regular Yoga as Anti gravity Yoga Dundalk have the added element of swinging in a hammock which adds an entirely new dimension to one’s Yoga Dundalk practice.

Anti Gravity Yoga Dundalk have all classes carefully guided in and out through a series of simple progressions.

 Anti Gravity yoga Dundalk Classes are scheduled at various times during the week and weekend to suit you as much as they can.

Anti Gravity yoga Dundalk are an excellent way to relieve stress, it helps improve breathing and a great way to improve flexibility and agility. Anti Gravity yoga Dundalk is excellent for improving fitness and toning your body and is an enjoyable way to keep active in a warm and friendly environment.

Anti Gravity yoga Dundalk is also excellent for sports yoga Dundalk to help improve your agility and flexibility resulting in less injuries and quicker recovery.

Sports Yoga is available in Dundalk and surrounding areas.