GTD Diesel's Ltd Dundalk

GTD Diesel's Ltd are Diesel Engineers in Dundalk who specialise in servicing diesel pumps, injectors and alternators in their Diesel reconditioning centre in Dundalk.

As a local diesel engineers in Dundalk,  staff at GTD Diesel's Ltd are familar with all types diesel injector systems and diesel pumps.

The diesel services in Dundalk available from GTD Diesels Ltd includes the repair and reconditioning of; diesel pumps, diesel injectors, starters, alternators and car diagnostic testing.

Reconditioning Diesel Pumps and Diesel Injectors in Dundalk is a speciality of GTD Diesel's Ltd.

Using the most up-to-date injector reconditioning equipment, all types of diesel injectors and diesel pumps and provides injector testing.

The injector and diesel pump servicing in Dundalk available from GTD Diesel's Ltd includes; injector repair, diesel pump repair, injector diagnostic testing, injector reconditioning, diesel pump reconditioning, injector calibration and diesel pump calibration.

Starter repairs and alternator repairs in Dundalk are provided by GTD Diesel's Ltd.

Stocking common makes of reconditioned starters and alternators, staff at GTD Diesel's Ltd can advise on whether to recondition or to buy a new alternator.

The Alternator services and Starter services in Dundalk provided by GTD Diesel's Ltd include; reconditioned alternators, alternator repair, reconditioned starters, starter repair and alternators and starters for; diesel cars, diesel vans, diesel 4x4, diesel trucks, diesel agricultural vehicles and diesel commercial vehicles.

Car batteries in Dundalk are provided by GTD Diesel's Ltd.

Sourcing car batteries from leading battery manufacturers, GTD Diesel's Ltd stock a wide range of car batteries for common makes of cars, and the mechanics are fully qualified to diagnose car battery problems.

The vehicle batteries in Dundalk available from GTD Diesel's Ltd include; van batteries, car batteries, lorry batteries, commercial vehicle batteries, replacement car batteries and heavy duty batteries.

Image of Car Diagnostics from GTD Diesel in Dundalk.Car diagnostics in Dundalk is provided by GTD Diesel's Ltd.

The fully qualified mechanical engineers at GTD Diesel's use the most up-to-date car diagnostic software and equipment to discover electrical faults in all makes of cars.

The car diagnostic testing in Dundalk available from GTD Diesel's Ltd, can detect the following faults; ABS light on, engine warning light on, oil light on, handbrake warning light on, electrical wiring problems, too high engine emissions, fuel gauge problems, engine faults and anti theft system fault.

For more information phone GTD Diesel's Ltd on 042 933 5953