Attic conversion specialists Louth, logoByrne Construction are attic conversion specialists in Dundalk, County Louth, who provide a complete attic conversion service in Louth and surrounding areas.

Attic conversion contractors, LouthAs Louth attic conversion contractors, Byrne Construction have over 40 years experience in converting attics, are fully insured, VAT registered, and undertake all types of attic conversions in Louth.

The attic conversion services in County Louth provided by Byrne Construction include: loft conversions, attic conversions, attic conversion designs, planning permission advice on attic conversions, and suitability assessment on attic conversions.

Feasibility assessments on attic conversions in Louth are carried out by Byrne Construction.

Attic conversions feasibility assessments LouthAs a Louth local authority approved building contractor, Ronan, proprietor of Byrne Construction, is familiar with all attic conversion regulations, can advise if planning permission is required for converting attics, ensures that all converted attics comply with building regulations, and feasibility assessments on attic conversions in Louth can be arranged at short notice.

The feasibility assessment on attic conversions in Louth available from Byrne Construction includes advice on: planning permission for attic conversions, height required for attic conversions, stairways to attic conversions, and windows for attic conversions.

Attic conversions in Louth are a speciality of Byrne Construction.

Attic conversions LouthWith modern attic conversion tools and equipment, and a team of qualified attic conversion specialists, attic conversion projects are completed start to finish, including lighting, electrical and plumbing, and Ronan provides free quotations on attic conversions in Louth.

The attic conversions in Louth provided by Byrne Construction includes converting attics in: bungalows, two-storey houses, dormer bungalows, and converting attics to: bedrooms, office, study rooms, games rooms, and computer rooms.

Attic skylights in Louth are installed by Byrne Construction.

Attic window installation LouthWith a photo portfolio of previous attic conversions available to view, a wide range of attic windows and skylights are available, attic skylights are installed, and Ronan will answer all queries on attic conversions in Louth.

The frequently asked questions on attic conversions in Louth that Ronan will answer include: How much will an attic conversion cost? What type of flooring should be used in an attic? What types of windows are suitable for an attic conversion? What is the best way to insulate attic conversions? How much space is needed for an attic conversion?

For more information on attic conversions in Louth, phone 086 804 5858

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