Walshs Gas are bottled gas suppliers in Dundalk, County Louth who specialise in supplying bottled gas to the residential and commercial sectors in Dundalk.

As an authorised Flogas bottled gas supplier in Dundalk, Walshes Gas stock a wide range of Flogas cylinder gas at their Dundalk gas depot and bottled gas is delivered to homes and businesses in Dundalk.

The bottled gas in Dundalk supplied by Walshs Gas includes Flogas; domestic gas, commercial gas, gas bottle exchange and gas bottle refills.

Domestic bottled gas in Dundalk is supplied by Walshes Gas.

Providing a gas cylinder exchange service, Walshes Gas deliver cylinders of gas in Dundalk on a regular basis and empty gas bottles are collected with each delivery.

The cylinders of gas delivered in Dundalk by Walshes Gas includes Flogas bottled gas for; cooking, caravans, camping cookers, patio heaters, barbeques and heating.

Commercial bottled gas in Dundalk is supplied by Walshes Gas.

With gas deliveries available on a daily basis, Walshs Gas’s delivery drivers stack gas cylinders on site and bulk bottled gas deliveries can be provided.

The commercial bottled gas in Dundalk supplied by Walshs Gas includes; propane, patio heater gas, 34kg bottled gas, 47kg bottled gas, red cylinder bottled gas, green cylinder bottled gas and blue cylinder bottled gas for camping sites, caravan parks, holiday resorts, hotels, retail stores, forecourts, garages, gas suppliers, fast food outlets, warehouses, industrial premises, farms and agricultural buildings.

Walshs Gas are licensed to store gas in bulk and refill gas cylinders at their bottled gas refill depot in Dundalk.

Storing gas in specialised tanks at their Dundalk gas depot, Walshs Gas buy gas in bulk thus allowing them to sell bottled gas refills at affordable prices.

The bottled gas refills in Dundalk provided by Walshs Gas includes refilling Flogas; bottled gas cylinders, commercial gas cylinders, domestic gas cylinders, gas bottles, propane gas bottles and barbeque gas bottles.

For more information call Walshs Gas on 087 2351 484.