GK Plant Hire are a plant hire centre in Dundalk providing excavation hire and plant hire in Dundalk and throughout County Louth.

With many years experience in the plant hire industry, GK Plant Hire have a team of highly skilled drivers who are experienced in all aspects of site excavation and provide a thorough, professional construction and site excavation service.

The plant hire in Dundalk available from GK Plant Hire includes; machinery hire with drivers, construction hire with drivers, excavation hire with drivers, site development, groundworks and moling.

Machinery Hire in Dundalk is provided by GK Plant Hire.

With modern plant machinery, GK Plant Hire are available to carry out a complete range of construction services for all types of commercial and industrial projects.

The machinery hire in Dundalk available from GK Plant Hire includes; 6 tons swivel dumpers, 3 tons rubber, cement mixers, 1.5 tons rubber and track diggers.

Site development and Groundworks in Louth is provided by GK Plant Hire.

Fully qualified and insured to carry out all types of site development, GK Plant Hire's staff ensure a professional site development and groundworks service with all work carreid out in compliance with all current health and safety regulations.

The groundworks services in Louth provided by GK Plant Hire include rock breaking, land drainage, septic tank installation, foundation building and site development.

Moling in Louth is a specialty of GK Plant Hire.

Using the latest moling equipment, GK Plant Hire provide a fast and efficient residential and industrial moiling service, ideal for installing and laying all types of underground piping systems.

The moling services in Louth available from GK Plant Hire include; underground moling, moling machinery hire, moling repair, road crossing moling and water pipe replacement.

For more information on this Louth Moling service please visit http://our.ie/molingdublin

For more information contact GK Plant Hire on 087 2765 881