Massage in Dundalk, Eva's Massage

Eva’s Massage is a professional massage salon in Dundalk, County Louth who provide a full range of massage services in their Dundalk Massage Center.

As a local massage salon in Dundalk, Eva’s Massage is managed by Eva, who is a fully qualified masseuse, highly experienced in all massage therapy techniques, and Eva’s Massage Centre in Dundalk is open seven days a week.

The massages in Dundalk available from Eva’s Massage includes: sport massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, oncology massage, full body massage, sensual massage, personalised massage and aromatherapy massage.

personal massage in Dundalk

Full body massage in Dundalk is carried out by Eva’s Massage.

All the masseuses in Eva’s Massage in Dundalk, are fully trained to perform all massage therapies, a full body massage releases endorphins which helps relieve pain and stiffness, enhances posture, reduce migraines and Eva can arrange full body massage in Dundalk at short notice.

The full body massage in Dundalk available in Eva’s Massage includes; head massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, back massage, and, full body massage is beneficial for: shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, ankle sprains, anxiety treatment and stress reduction.

Sports massage available in Dundalk

Sports massage in Dundalk is available in Eva’s Massage.

Highly experienced in sports massage therapies, Eva is fully trained in all sports massage techniques, on consultation, Eva, will recommend what massage therapy is best suited to individual athletes, sports massage can reduce recovery time, and sports massage in Dundalk can be arranged at times to suit individual requirements.

The sports massage in Dundalk provided by Eva’s Massage includes, sports injury massage for: athletics, GAA players, footballers, runners, swimmers, cyclists, gymnastics, dancers, golfers, aerobics and tennis players.

Sports massage in Dundalk

Tantric massage in Dundalk is a speciality of Eva’s Massage.

Massage in Dundalk by EvaWith Brazilian masseuses and Asian masseuses, familiar in all Tantric massage techniques, stemming from ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain traditions, tantra massage goal is to attain mindfulness, enlightenment, awareness, and self-discovery, all massages can be tailored to suit individual requirements and all massages in Eva’s Massage in Dundalk are at an affordable price.

The tantric massage in Dundalk provided by Eva’s Massage includes; stimulating massage, exotic massage and sensual massage.

For more information on massage in Dundalk phone 087 1022 366

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