The Tanning Centre Dundalk is a professional sun bed tanning salon in Dundalk, who specialise in providing a wide range of responsible sunbed tanning services in their purposely built Dundalk sun tanning salon.

Sun beds in DundalkAs a local sunbed tanning salon in Dundalk, The Tanning Centre have a full range of stand-up sunbeds and lie-down sunbeds featuring a combination of UVA, UVB & LED light technology, all sunbed operators are certified and trained to the Indoor Tanning Industry standards and sunbed tanning can be arranged at short notice.

The tanning services in Dundalk available from The Tanning Centre includes; sun bed tanning, lie-down sunbeds tanning, stand up sunbeds tanning and the supply and sale of: tanning creams, tanning lotions.

Natural suntan is easily achieved using the Lie-down tanning units in the Tanning Centre Dundalk.

Lie-down sunbeds in DundalkAs Dundalk tanning specialists, the sunbed operators at The Tanning Centre, advise on times required to attain a desired tan, modern lie-down sunbeds, fitted with double bronzing lamps achieves a longer lasting natural tan and all sunbed users are provided with protective eyewear.

The sunbed tanning services in Dundalk available from The Tanning Centre includes; sunbeds, lie-down sunbed tanning, stand-up sunbed tanning, sun bed tanning programmes, maintaining holiday tan, even coverage tanning, darker tan and no pressure points tanning.

Stand-up sunbed tanning in Dundalk is a speciality of The Tanning Centre.

Standup sun bed in DundalkEquipped with more intense tanning bulbs, stand up sunbeds emit stronger waves thus enabling skin to tan faster, stand-up sunbeds ensure an even tan all over the body and The Tanning Centre Dundalk sunbed operators will advise on sunbed session time that comply with The Public Health (Sunbeds) Act 2014.

The Tanning Centre in Dundalk is fully equipped with the latest technology solariums including: Megavoice, Aquacool, Aroma and Bluetooth.

Tanning creams and tanning lotions in Dundalk are available at The Tanning Centre.

Gift cards in Dundalk Tanning CentreWith a wide range of tanning products available at The Tanning Centre Dundalk, the knowledgeable staff can advise on the most suitable tanning products for individual skin types, tanning accelerators are available to increase melanin production for a deeper tan and tan extenders can be used to ensure tans last longer.

The tanning products in Dundalk available from The Tanning Centreinclude; tanning creams, tanning lotions, tanning oils, tan base builders and tan extenders and all leading brands are available including; He-Shi Express Liquid Tan, Luminous Shimmer, Australian Gold Tanning Creams, Cheers Tanning Lotions and Bronze Accelerator.

A range of aesthetic treatments in Dundalk are carried out at The Tanning Centre.

Cosmetics in Dundalk Tanning CentreFully qualified in many cosmetic treatments, The Tanning Centre can recommend pain free aesthetic treatments to address individual cosmetic concerns, a wide variety of herbal dietary supplements are available to improve skin condition and free quotations can be provided on aesthetic treatments.

The aesthetic treatments in Dundalk available from The Tanning Centre include; botox, lip fillers, dermal fillers, teeth whitening, silhouette capsules, breast enhancement capsules, anti-blemish treatments, acne treatments and herbal dietary supplements.

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Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm - Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm - Sunday: 12:00pm to 5:00pm