The Tanning Centre Dundalk

Dundalk Tanning Centre provide tanning salon services in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

This Dundalk tanning salon has the latest German manufactured sunbeds to ensure their clients best, safety and tanning facilities available on the market today.

Dundalk Tanning Centre have a range of sunbeds and stand up booths and tanning and beauty treatments at their beauty salon in Dundalk, Co. Louth which is easily accessed from surrounding areas such as, Blackrock, Kilkerly, Louth, Knockbridge, Carlingford, Lurgangreen and Dromiskin, Dromiskin, from 10am to 8am Monday to Friday, Saturday 10am to 6am.

Dundalk Tanning Centre have all the latest sunbeds for a relaxing and theraputic experience while tanning.

This Dundalk tanning salon use top of the range tanning beds at very affordable prices. The tanning salon staff at Dundalk Tanning Centre are highly qualified and professional and are trained to Indoor Tanning Industry standards.

Dundalk Tanning Centre’s sunbeds have a body cool system, all round ventilation, aquacool, and a music system to ensure the customer’s tanning session is relaxing and provide sunbed creams to enhance your tan.

Dundalk Tanning Centre provide stand up tanning booths at their tanning salon in Dundalk.

For customers who have less time to spend on tanning beds, stand up booths are the ideal option at this Dundalk Tanning salon.

Dundalk Tanning Centre provide well ventilated booths, and may suit customers who prefer a quicker tan, very even coverage, great colour and no pressure points.

Tanning creams and lotions are available for purchase and use with sunbeds and booths at Dundalk Tanning Centre.

The wide range of lotions available can help you achieve an even better tan, most sunbed lotions contain the active ingredient Tyrosine which increases melanin production in order for your skin to tan.

Dundalk Tanning Centre stocks creams, lotions, oils, base builders and tan extenders for all skin types including, He-Shi Express Liquid Tan, Luminous Shimmer, Australian Gold Tanning Creams, Cheers tanning lotions and Bronze Accelerator.

Dundalk Tanning Centre provide an extensive range of other services including weight loss and skin remedies at their Dundalk salon.

For skin treatments and tanning aftercare and accessories, visit Dundalk Tanning Centre where staff can offer advice and suggestions on your beauty needs.

This Dundalk salon, offer pain free facial aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, lip and dermal filler treatments, gift sets, Silhouette capsules, tan extenders, anti-blemish treatment, acne treatment, skin toner, foundation base, herbal dietary supplements and liquid tans.

For More Infromation Phone 042 93 20425

Mon - Fri - 10am - 8pm

Sat 10am - 6pm

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