Mulwaste Environmental Services.

Mulwaste  headed by Peter Mulholland has over 20 years experience in the Collection, transportation, disposal and recycling of household and industrial waste.

We are committed to fast, professional, high quality service and understand the issues relating to managing solid waste and the impact these issues can have on the operations of your business or home.

Fast efficent Service. Permit number wcp/mh/08/007-01

We provide a full range of services in Louth and Meath and surrounding areas. Our services include.

Septic tank cleaning.    Drain & Sewer pipe cleaning .    Biocycle unit cleaning.   CCT Surveys.   High Pressure Jetting Unit.

Things to Consider when Septic Tank Emptying .

Septic tank cleaning.  Dont Risk Polluting your well.  Septic Tank Emptying is part of Regular Maintenance.

A septic system is designed to convert toxic human and organic waste into harmless compounds via decomposition using bacteria. One of the most important components of a septic system is the septic tank. The septic tank acts as the container that holds the waste, while it is decomposed anaerobically by the bacteria. After the waste is decomposed, the only things that remain are the solids at the bottom of the septic tank and liquids floating above. The liquid is passed to the septic drain field as the levels rise. Every once in a while, usually every few years, septic tank emptying needs to occur to remove the solids.

Drain & Sewer pipe cleaning Rodding

A traditional method of drain cleaning, rodding involves fixing together rods according to the the depth of the drain. This is then inserted into the drain with one of many attachments on the end cleaning the pipe work. This type of drain cleaning is often more preferable when pipe work is older and more fragile.

CCT Surveys.

CCTV drain surveys are used to visually inspect the condition of drains. Often required before the purchase of a property or just for fault finding, we will write up a report which is presented to you. These reports are clear and precise, they contain no industry specific, drain jargon. A schematic diagram is also provided as part of our CCTV drain survey results.

High Pressure Jetting Unit.

High pressure water jetting is perfect for drain cleaning, decaling pipe work and the clearing of blocked drains. As part of this procedure, we blast water at high pressure into the drain. Once all excess debris has been cleared, we will then make sure that your pipe work is back to its former functionality and clear before leaving the site. Each water jet has up to 100m of hosing permitting drain cleaning in almost all situations.

Industrial Services.

We have a complete range of maintenance and cleaning services for industrial facilities to keep them in peak operating condition.


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