Marble Floor Polishing, Restoration & Maintenance specialise in cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration of Marble, Slate, Terrazzo and Terracotta floors and tiles throughout County Louth.

Marble Floor Maintenance is run by Aidan Boylan of Boylan Tiling and is a family owned & operated business. Aidan provides complete restoration & maintenance for all natural stones since 1999 throughout the Louth Area.

With many years of experience in fitting all types of floors and servicing all floors, Marble Floor Polishing, Restoration & Maintenance services include, cleaning and repair of marble, terracotta, terrazzo, slate floors. Restoring martble floors, restoring stone floors, polishing of marble and stone floors.

The tilers at Marble floor maintenance are fully qualified and fully experienced to polish and restore all types of flooring for domestic and commercial customers throughout Monaghan and Louth.

Over time, marble floors can become dull from everyday use, Marble Floor Polishing Louth will bring back the life and shine to your marble floors and have all the latest cleaning equipment to complete quality marble polishing services.

Before polishing marble floors, Marble Floor Polishing, Restoration & Maintenance use a vegetable based cleaner which removes any light scuff marks and cleans grout. All floors are sealed with a marble impregnator. Marble Floor Maintenance Louth can polish any floor including, marble floor polishing, terracotta floor polishing, slate floor polishing, terrazzo and more.

Boylan Marble Floor Restoration and Repair Louth, can restore any floor surface leaving your floor shining and scratch free and provide a top quality finish.

Boylan marble floor maintenance remove scratches on marble by hand grinidng the floors and tiles before polishing.

Boylan Floor repairs Louth can restore and repair all tiles, services include, removing scratches from martble floors, removing scuff marks, hole repair in marble tiles or floors, cracked tile repair, scratch removal, marble polishing service, tile polishing service, tile scratch removal.

Protect floors with Marble Floor re-sealing, Boylan floor maintenance provide a floor resealing service in County Louth and surrounding areas

Marble Resealing can repair and protect marbel floors, It is actually not as porous as stone or granite, and better at repelling water.

Boylan Marble floor maintenance provide the following services, marble floor sealing, stain stoping sealer, removing stains from marble floors, tile stain removal service, waterproofing tiles and floors, waterproofing marble.

Boylan Marble floor Maintenance Louth, can repair uneven tiled floors also known as Lippage Removal to homes and businesses throughout County Louth.

Boylan Marble floor maintenance have the latest equipment to level all marble floors and tiles.

Boylan Marble floor maintenance provides, Lippage removal, levelling tiles and marble flooring, tile grinding and floor grinding. Marble floor maintenance will grind the marble floor using a coarse-grit metal disk until the floor is completely even, then polish the marble to a high shine using a series of high-grit resin discs.

With a fully qualified experienced team Boylan Marble floor maintenance can repair all uneven floors with top of the range equipment and will provide a complete clean service at very affordable prices, services include, uneven floor repair, affordable floor repair, uneven tile repair and sealing floors.

Boylan Marble Floor Maintenance in Louth also restore Terrazzo flooring.

By having Boylan Marble floor maintenance sand your terrazzo it will restore its shine and enhance its colour.

The following services are provides by Boylan marble floor maintenance, reducing the dullness or your Terrazzo flooring, renewing terrazzo flooring, terrazzo floor restoration, sanding terrazzo flooring, removing scuff marks, terrazzo flooring polished, terrazzo flooring shinned. Once the sanding is complete, the floor is then polished to restore its shine and enhance its colour.

Boylan Marble floor maintenance also repairs and cleans Terracotta Slates and grout lines.

Boylan Floor maintenance uses a vegetable based cleaner for the best results when cleaning terracotta floors or tiles.

Boylan provides the following services, Terracotta and Slate cleaning, terracotta grout cleaning, sealing terracotta, removing soil and dirt. The floor is then sealed with a choice of either matt or gloss finish sealer.