Sanondaf’s disinfectant is independently proven to kill viruses and other germs and is medically proven as an effective disinfectant against viruses and bacteria.

Sanondaf International’s local agents for Counties Louth and Meath provide rapid response disinfection services that are available 24/7 to mitigate the risks of coronavirus.

The 24/7 Coronavirus disinfection rapid response in Louth and Meath provided by Sanondaf local agents is beneficial for Coronavirus eradication, Coronavirus removal, Coronavirus sterilization, Covid-19 rapid response, airborne sterilisation, airborne disinfection and sterilization of Covid-19 in all workplaces.

Sanondaf International are disinfection and decontamination specialists providing infection prevention and virus elimination for all industries and sectors throughout Louth and Meath.

Sanondaf International’s local agents use highly effective CE approved oxidizing disinfectant, developed by Sanondaf International’s experts to efficiently disinfect and decontaminate areas prone to contamination in all types of medical and commercial facilities.

The services in Louth and Meath provided by Sanondaf International include sanitizing and disinfecting; healthcare centers, hospitals, schools, universities, crèches, fitness centers, gyms, hotels, catering areas and veterinary surgeries.

Sterilizing and disinfecting hospitals and healthcare facilities in Louth and Meath is available from Sanondaf International.

Sanondaf’s cost effective touch-less disinfection methods are proven to eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens and efficiently disinfect all areas prone to surface contamination with minimal disruption to your facility.

The healthcare facility sterilization and hospital disinfection in Louth and Meath available from Sanondaf International includes; Patient Rooms, General Wards, Accident and Emergency Dept, Waiting Rooms Pre op rooms, post op rooms, Operating Theatres,  Equipment Storage Rooms, Retirement Homes, Rehabilitation Facilities, All Communal Areas, Residents’ Rooms, Care Staff Stations, Medical Equipment and Office Staff Areas.

Disinfecting and sanitizing gyms and fitness centers in Louth and Meath is provided by Sanondaf International.

By using state of the art spraying procedures, Sanondaf provides sanitizing solutions for all types of surfaces and equipment including contract gym and fitness facility sanitization available at competitive rates.

The sanitization and disinfecting in Louth and Meath available from Sanondaf International is ideal for; Gyms, Workout Areas, Fitness Studios, Sports clubs, Shower Rooms, Gym equipment, Changing Rooms, Saunas and Steam Rooms.

Sanitizing and decontaminating catering areas and food processing facilities in Louth and Meath is a service available from Sanondaf International.

The hospital grade biocide used by Sanondaf leaves no chemical residue and efficiently eliminates and prevents bacterial growth in all types of food production and food processing areas.

The catering sanitizing and food processing decontamination in Louth and Meath provided by Sanondaf International includes sanitizing for; Restaurants, Kitchens, Hotels, Catering Areas, Catering Equipment, Food Production Facilities and Food
Processing Equipment.

Infection prevention and virus elimination in all types of environments in Louth and Meath is a specialty of Sanondaf International.

The use of SanoStatic or SanoFog is effective in eliminating all type of viruses and Sanondaf can advise on the most cost effective solution suited for infection prevention in all sectors of business.

The infection prevention and virus elimination service in Louth and Meath provided by Sanondaf International is ideal for controlling the outbreak of; E Coli, influenza, Norovirus, Superbugs, CPE, CRE, Colds, Flu, MRSA, Salmonella, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, HIV, Chickenpox, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Scarlett Fever and Mumps.

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