Pet Central Drogheda is one of the best pet shops in Louth and this pet shop in Drogheda stock a wide range of pets both of animals and fish.

As a pet shop in Louth their aim is to provide the best value in pets and the best value in pet food in Drogheda and surrounding area.

The Drogheda pet shop's stock include, Pet Food, Fish tanks, Bird cages, Aqua tanks, Goldfish tanks, Hamster cages, Pets safety seats, Dog leads, Dog collars, Dog kennels, Cat boxes and Rabbit hutches.

Pet food is a large part of Pet Central Drogheda businesses and they pride themselves of the wide range of pet food they stock in their Drogheda pet shop.

All of the pet food in this Louth pet shop is of the highest quality and as they buy their pet food in bulk they are one of the cheapest in pet foods in Louth to buy pet food.

Pet Central Drogheda provide a wide range of pet food including Dog food, Rabbit food, Pet snacks, Hamster food, Fish food, Bird seed, Cat food, Amphibian food and Dog nuts.

Pet Central Drogheda have the experience to offer friendly advice when choosing a pet and have a wide range of pets for sale.  Pets available from the Drogheda pet shop are all healthy and fully checked before sale.

The pet shop in Drogheda provide a friendly, professional advice when choosing a pet to ensure the pet is right for you and your family.

Drogheda’s Pet Central have a wide range of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, guinea  pigs, hamsters, birds and wildlife.

Fish are a speciality of Pet Central Drogheda providing all types of fish for sale. Drogheda pet shop stock the Highest quality, healthiest freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquariums and more.

Available from the Drogheda pet shop are all types of aquariums, fish tanks and accessories and are have fully qualified staff on hand to advise you any questions you may have.

The Drogheda Pet shop have a huge selection of all types of fish for sale including angelfish, pleco fish, cichlids fish, livebearers fish, tetras fish and many more available at Pet Central Drogheda.