vaccines, wormers, drenches

Tullyallen Pharmacy Louth provide the best value in vaccines,dosing,wormers and drenches for animals and if you are buying vaccines in a large quantity you can avail of their special vaccine discount offers.

The vaccines available from Tullyallen Pharmacy include vaccines for cattle, vaccines for cows, vaccines for sheep, vaccines for pigs, vaccines for dogs, vaccines for cats, vaccines for horses and vaccines for foals.

Vaccinating animals is a very important factor in animal health and vaccinated animals will thrive better and you will have a lower animal health maintenance cost.

Tullyallen Pharmacy stock a complete range of animal vaccines and buying your animal vaccines from Tullyallen Pharmacy will ensure that you get a lower vaccine cost.

Tullyallen Pharmacy stock all types of vaccines including Leptospirosis vaccine, BVD vaccine, IBR vaccines, Salmonella vaccines and corona vaccine.

Regular worming of animals and regular fluke injections is essential to good animal health.

Animals that receive regular worm treatment are less susceptible to disease and cows that receive regular worm treatment have stronger calves and have a better milk yield.

Tullyallen Pharmacy Louth stock all worm dosing and worm injections of all the leading worming brands including Dectomax, Ivomec, Animac, Eprinex and Trodax. As a fully qualified pharmacist Dermot can give advice on all types of worm treatments including fluke dosing, Worm Dosing, Pour-ons, injections and drenches.

Scours in young animals is a problem on all farms and using the correct scour treatment products is an essential factor in the rearing of all young animals.

At Tullyallen Pharmacy Dermot is available to advise on all aspects of scour treatments as to the type of scour and the duration of scour treatment. Purchasing scour treatments from Tullyallen Pharmacy can be at a lower price than buying scour treatments from a veterinary clinic. The animal scour treatment available from Tullyallen Pharmacy include calf scour, foal scour and lamb scour. The scour products available include Lifeaid, Lectade and Diaproof-K.