Martin O'Malley Fencing Contractor LogoFencing contractors County MayoMartin O'Malley Fencing are professional fencing contractors in County Mayo who supply and erect all types of fences in all areas of Mayo.

As fully insured Mayo fencing contractors, Martin O'Malley Fencing are VAT registered, operated by Mattie O'Malley who has over 15 years’ experience in fence erecting and with state of the art fencing equipment and machinery, all fencing projects in County Mayo are undertaken.

The fencing in Mayo carried out by Martin O'Malley Fencing includes; agricultural fencing, residential fencing, security fencing and industrial fencing.

Agricultural fencing County MayoSupplying and erecting agricultural fencing in Mayo is a speciality of Martin O'Malley Fencing.

Prior to erecting agricultural fences, ground preparation for fencing is carried out with diggers, hedges protruding in areas to be fenced are cut back, tractor-mounted post drivers are used to drive fencing posts, all stock proof fencing is constructed with high quality galvanised fencing wire and Mattie erects fences for TAMS fencing grants for farmers throughout County Mayo.

The agricultural fencing in Mayo available from Martin O'Malley Fencing includes; sheep wire fencing, barbed wire fencing, electric fencing, stock proof fencing, cattle fencing, high tensile steel fencing, poultry fencing, equestrian fencing and all TAMS grant fencing.

Residential fencing County MayoResidential fencing in Mayo is carried out by Martin O'Malley Fencing.

Familiar with erecting all types of domestic fencing, Mattie can advise on what type of fencing is best suited to individual properties, garden fences are supplied and erected, all styles of residential fencing is supplied and residential fencing in Mayo can be arranged at short notice.

The domestic fencing in Mayo available from Martin O'Malley Fencing includes supplying and erecting; post and rail fencing, chain link fencing, picket board fencing, panel fencing, steel fencing, ranch style fencing, mesh fencing, boundary fencing and all garden fencing.

Commercial and security fencing County MayoCommercial fencing and security fencing in Mayo is carried out by Martin O'Malley Fencing.

Security fencing is provided to all industries, temporary fencing on building sites is carried out, security fences can be erected to comply with individual specifications and all work carried out by Mattie is compliant with all health and safety regulations.

The security fencing in Mayo available from Martin O'Malley Fencing includes supplying and erecting security fences on; building sites, industrial units, sports units, golf courses, factories, schools, industrial units, warehouses, tennis courts, playgrounds and temporary security fencing.

For more information on fencing in Mayo phone Mattie on 087 675 0908.