Madden’s Leisure is a snooker and pool table manufacturer in Connacht who have been manufacturing and supplying  snooker tables and pool tables throughout Connaught since 1986.

This Connaught leisure company use only top quality materials in the manufacture of all snooker tables and pool tables and provide excellent customer service.

The staff at snooker and pool company Madden’s Leisure in Connaught are happy to offer advice, hints and tips on choosing the perfect snooker table or pool table to suit your needs.

This leisure company supply and fit snooker and pools tables in the following areas in Connaught including: Mayo, Galway, Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon. 

Snooker tables are a specialty of Madden’s Leisure snooker manufacturer in Connaught, Ireland. This snooker company provides snooker tables to both residential and commercial customers in Ireland.

All snooker tables will be supplied, fitted, serviced, reconditioned and maintained by Madden’s Leisure. All the leading brands in snooker tables are available at this snooker company in the West of Ireland including Superleague, Excel, Riley and many more. 

If you are thinking of buying a snooker table in Ireland, contact Madden’s Leisure for information on the following: buying a snooker table, affordable snooker tables in Connaught, best snooker tables, big snooker tables, small snooker tables and quality snooker tables in Connaught.

With over 25 years of experience in the production of billiards, Madden’s Leisure has established itself as one of the main suppliers of high quality pool tables in the Connaught area.

A wide range of pool tables are provided by this pool manufacturer in the West of Ireland ranging from the most affordable pool tables to supreme quality solid wood pool tables.

All customers are catered for at this friendly and professional pool table company in Connaught. Pool tables are suitable for bars, home mini bars, attics and games rooms.

All types of pool tables are supplied by this pool table manufacturer in Connaught including the following: American pool tables, Coin-operated pool tables, Diner pool tables, Outdoor pool tables, Reconditioned pool tables, Free play pool tables, Laser pool tables, Galaxy pool table, Hazel pool table,  The pearl pool table, Folding pool table, the Jewel pool table, The Darra pol table, The Aslin pool table and Mayfair pool table.

Snooker and pool accessories form a large part of the stock at snooker and pool accessories company Madden’s Leisure in Connaught.

Affordable snooker and pool accessories will complete your snooker or pool table and allow you to have endless hours of entertainment at home.

The following snooker and pool accessories are available at Connaught snooker accessories company Madden’s Leisure: Snooker cues, Pool cues, Table brush, Pool balls, Striped pool balls, Snooker balls, Pool cue tip accessory kit, pool table triangle, snooker table triangle, Pool cue chalk, Snooker cue chalk, chalk holder, pool cue holder, snooker cue holder, snooker cue case and snooker and cue case combinations.

For more information phone 094 9630228 / 087 6812013