Meehan Chimney Repair are chimney repair specialistsImage shows chimney repair in Mayo provided by Meehan Chimney Repair in Mayo who provide chimney repairs and chimney rebuilds throughout County Mayo.

As Mayo chimney builders, Frank, proprietor of Meehan Chimney Repair, has many years experience in chimney repair and chimney rebuilds and has all the equipment required enabling the undertaking of all types of chimney repairs.

The chimney services in Mayo provided by Meehan Chimney Repair include; chimney rebuilds, chimney repairs, chimney relining and CCTV camera chimney inspections.

Image shows chimney rebuild in Mayo provided by Meehan Chimney RepairChimney rebuilding in Mayo is a speciality of Meehan Chimney Repair.

Familiar in all types of chimney structural damage, all damaged chimneys are assessed to ascertain whether to repair or rebuild and with their own scaffolding chimneys on all heights of buildings can be rebuilt and chimney rebuilds can be arranged at short notice.

The chimney rebuilds in Mayo provided by Meehan Chimney Repair includes rebuilding; masonry chimneys, metal chimneys, prefabricated chimneys, factory built chimneys, air-cooled chimneys, double walled chimneys, air-insulated chimneys, combination chimneys, fireplace insert chimneys and stove chimneys.

Image shows chimney relining in Mayo provided by Meehan Chimney RepairChimney repairs and chimney relining in Mayo are carried out by Meehan Chimney Repair.

Using the most up to date chimney repair techniques, Frank and his team of experienced chimney repair specialists diagnose and fix all chimney problems, provide maintenance to prevent water penetrating the chimney system, improve stability and protection by replacing mortar, cracked chimney material is replaced to enhance chimney strength and chimney relining is available.

The chimney repairs in Mayo available from Meehan Chimney Repair include repairing; chimney obstructions, chimney blockages, creosote clearing, brickwork problems, chimney crown cracks, chimney cap cracks and chimney flue cracks.

Image shows CCTV camera chimney inspection in Mayo provided by Meehan Chimney RepairCCTV camera chimney inspections in Mayo are provided by Meehan Chimney Repair.

Recognised by leading insurance companies as a registered building contractor and with modern chimney CCTV inspection cameras, Frank identifies issues in chimneys, can submit a report on chimney fire damage, annual chimney inspections can be arranged and free quotations on all chimney services are provided.

The CCTV camera chimney inspections in Mayo available from Meehan Chimney Repair are ideal for; compiling chimney damage insurance reports, checking problems in chimneys, checking internal structural damage in chimneys and detecting chimney blockages.

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