Image shows Xpress Dry Cleaners dry cleaning centre in Ashbourne Xpress Dry Cleaners are professional dry cleaners in Ashbourne who specialise in providing dry cleaning and laundry services in their Ashbourne Dry Cleaners.

As professional dry cleaners in Ashbourne, Xpress Dry Cleaners have many years experience in the dry cleaning sector and undertake commercial dry cleaning projects and domestic dry cleaning projects in their fully equipped dry cleaning centre in Ashbourne.

The dry cleaning services in Ashbourne provided by Xpress Dry Cleaners include; dry cleaning clothes, domestic dry cleaning, commercial dry cleaning, laundry services and clothing alterations.

Image shows shirts in Ashbourne dry cleaned by Xpress Dry CleanersDry cleaning in Ashbourne is provided by Xpress Dry Cleaners.

Using environmentally friendly solvents, all types of fabrics can be dry cleaned, the dry cleaning specialists at Xpress Dry Cleaners will identify the best dry cleaning methods for individual textiles ensuring high quality results and a collection and delivery service is available for commercial dry cleaning projects.

The dry cleaning in Ashbourne available from Xpress Dry Cleaning includes dry cleaning; clothes, household items, jackets, overcoats, skirts, jumpers, suits, dresses, seat covers, silks, wedding dresses, communion dresses, debs dresses, christening gowns, ball gowns, sports gear, school clothing, duvets and curtains.

Image shows professional ironing services in Ashbourne available from Xpress Dry CleanersProviding laundry services in Ashbourne is a speciality of Xpress Dry Cleaners.

Familiar in laundering all types of garments, Xpress Dry Cleaning provide a full laundry service, a professional ironing service is available, commercial laundry services are available and laundry services can be arranged at short notice.  

The laundry services in Ashbourne available from Xpress Dry Cleaners include; commercial laundry, private laundry and commercial ironing.

Image shows wedding dress in Ashbourne altered by Xpress Dry CleanersClothing alterations in Ashbourne are undertaken by Xpress Dry Cleaners.

Xpress Dry Cleaners only employ experienced seamstresses, body measurements are taken to ensure exact alterations, same day alterations are available and broken zips can be replaced.

The clothing alterations in Ashbourne available from Xpress Dry Cleaners includes; wedding dress alterations, debs dress alterations, suit tailoring, hemming clothes, zip replacement, sleeve shortening and clothing repairs.

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