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As a sportswear supplier based in Ireland, Jackyl Sports provide club teamwear, sports promotional products and sports promotional clothing, sports teamwear can be ordered online or by phone and all club teamwear can be customised to individual requirements.

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Online women’s sports kits are supplied by Jackyl Sports.

Manufactured with breathable fabric, Jackyl Sports women’s online sports kits absorbs moisture and increases evaporation ensuring freshness and comfort while training and online women’s teamware is shipped worldwide.

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With a full range of men’s sports kits and men’s football training kit in store, Jackyl Sports offer competitively priced men’s sports kits for sale online and online men’s teamwear can be personalised if required.

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Online juvenile sports kits are supplied by Jackyl Sports.

Delivering juvenile sports kits directly to your door, Jackyl Sports make affordable custom sports kits for juvenile sports clubs and online juvenile club teamwear is available in juvenile club colours.

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Stocking a wide range of sizes and colours, Jackyl Sports provide customised GAA teamwear, bulk discounts for online GAA club teamwear are offered and international shipping is available on all GAA sport kits online.

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For queries regarding customised club teamwear or personalised sports kits phone 01 5252 246

Experienced in designing customised club teamwear and personalised sports kits, Jackyl Sport’s design staff are available to answer all questions on customised teamwear and custom sports kits.

Some of the questions about customised teamwear answered by Jackly Sports include; who customises team jerseys, who customises team uniforms, how much does customised club team wear cost,  where can I match my sports club colours, how long will it take to get customised teamwear and where can I have my colours printed on my sports jersey.

For more information email Jackyl Sports sales@jackylsports.ie

Telephone enquiries 01 5252 246.