Meath Jetting Services Ltd

Meath Jetting Services Ltd is a newly formed cleaning  company in the Drain Cleaning industry and they are available to clean drains in Meath, Dublin and Kildare. All Meath Jetting Services staff are all fully qualified plumbers with over 18 years’ experience in all aspects of drainage and sewerage and rain water systems. By using the most up to date drain cleaning equipment available Meath Jetting Services can deal with all types of drain blockages in all types of drainage systems.

Meath Jetting Services provide a Dublin Jetting Service and a Kildare Jetting Service. Their cleaning services include Blocked Drains, Blocked Sewers, Broken Drains, Drains overflowing, Blocked pipes and Blocked grates.

Using a Mini Water Jetter is one of the best methods of cleaning Drain Sewers. By expelling water at extreme high pressure the Mini Water Jetter ensures that blocked drains are quickly cleaned and all residue likely to cause Sewer Blockage will be removed  thus restoring drains to their free-flowing capacity.

The use of a Mini Water Jetter is the ideal cleaning for the following including, Commercial Drain Cleaning, Industrial Drain Cleaning, Sludge Removal, Sediment blockages, Grease Traps and Drain flushing.

When a mini water jetter doesn't have enough power for big cleaning Sewerage jobs Meath Jetting Services use a 'Combo Unit' for tough industrial or commercial drain and sewer pipe cleaning.

A high pressure water jetter mounted on the back of the van is used for removing materials such as tree roots, grease, fats, industrial wastes, sediments, filtrates, incrustations, organic foulings, oxide layers, coating systems, sludges, cement slurry, debris, silt, scale and incrustations from a variety of drains and sewer systems.

Meath Jetting Services use the most up to date cameras available and can show you all details on draind etc. Camera is necessary because simply clearing the blocked sewer or rainwater line does not reveal what caused it to block in the first place.

Without a drain camera inspection it would not be possible to know what caused the blocked sewer or rainwater line, and without this knowledge it can be difficult to address the real cause of a blockage.

Sewer Rooter. Drains are a vital organ to a plumbing system. Without proper drainage your home or business could be in serious danger. The sewer rooter stops backflows and blockages from sewer and rainwater pipes.

The symptoms of sewer and drainage blockages include:  bad smells, which are signs of partial blockages, sucking, gurgling and lapping sounds associated with blockages, water appliances won't empty or drain, overflowing of exterior gully grates, IS shafts and vents, debris around gully grates,

Meath Jetting service high-tech approach allows us to quickly locate and clear blocked drains, waste pipes, grates and stacks (vertical pipes) using the latest high powered drain machines.

Their drainage service includes: 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service, safe pass and more importantly also have a confined safe pass, Residential Jetting, Commercial Jetting, County Councils Government bodies Schools Jetting Contracts

Meath Jetting service Rotary Pressure Washing service is the most effective and efficient way to clean large areas quickly. Rotary Pressure Washing is very effective in cleaning Town Centres and cleaning around buildings as the water spray is controlled, thus avoiding water been sprayed on to other surfaces or passers-by.

Meath Jetting service Rotary Pressure Washing  service has the following advantages in cleaning including Smarter Cleaning, Environmental Friendly Cleaning, Cost Effective Cleaning, Safer Cleaning, Better Cleaning,  Pavement Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Chewing Gum Removal, Road Cleaning, Patio Cleaning, Public Area Cleaning,

Meath Jetting service new Chewing Gum Removal service is the best and quickest way to have chewing gum removed from any area requiring chewing gum removal.  By using a constant supply of vaporized chemical with a combination of pressure heat and cleaning solution at point of contact means the chewing gum is removed quickly and efficiently.

Meath Jetting service’s Chewing Gum Removal Service is completely silent and as no trailing leads or generator is required chewing gum cleaning can be carried out at any time even when streets are busy. It is environmentally friendly and the unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources. The chewing gum removal solution is based on a sugar surfactant making it completely bio degradable. The gum is broken down to dust and it is just swept away. Meath Jetting service’s Chewing Gum Removal Service will bring paving back to its original conditions.

For more information on Meath Jetting Service’s call  087 8253440

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