Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) is an award winning butcher shop and provides quality affordable meat in Bettystown, county Meath and the surrounding areas.

This Meath based butchers Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) stocks a wide range of quality fresh meat at the best prices for customers in East Meath and surrounding areas.

Meath butcher shop Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) stock the following high quality meat, beef, chicken, pork, turkey and lamb at very affordable prices. Based in Bettystown in county Meath Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) provide all the fresh meat needed for customers all over the east Meath area including Bettystown, Laytown and Mornington.

This long established family butchers Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) sources the best quality meat from local farms using traditional methods ensuring 100% traceability and the best quality meats at all times for customers all over the Meath and surrounding areas.

All the meat purchased at East Meath’s Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) is traceable meat, high quality meat, premium meat, affordable fresh meat and safe meat.

Local butcher shop Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) have professionally trained butchers focussed on customer service and will prepare meat cuts to customer satisfaction in the Meath area and surrounding.

Meath’s finest butchers Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) provides the best choice of quality meat for all meal requirements and prepared to customer's satisfaction.

Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) provides all types of meat for all customer requirements including minced beef, chicken fillets, BBQ packs, stewing beef, rashers, sausages, steaks, pork chops and meat for roasting.

Meat retailer Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) provides meat for social occasions and parties in the Bettystown and Meath areas at very affordable prices.

This local butcher Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) now stocks Moran’s homemade jams and chutneys, gluten free and dairy free for customers in the Meath and surrounding areas.

Meath butchers Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) can cater for all social occasions and parties with dietary requirements in the Bettystown and surrounding areas including BBQ parties, gluten free food for parties,  meat for outdoor parties, meat for house parties, communion parties, christening parties and come dine with me parties.

Highly skilled and professional butchers at Bettystown’s Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) are on hand to answer any questions a customer might have about meat cuts, useful tips on how to prepare meat and how to cook meat.

Expert and highly experienced butchers at Callaghan's (Quality Butchers) can answer all questions a customer might have about meat including, what is the best value cut of meat? I’m having a dinner party can you suggest what meat to cook? I’m having a BBQ for 6 people what meat should I cook? How can I cook a steak properly? How long do I roast a chicken for? Where can I find the best quality meat in Meath? Can you suggest what to cook for a come dine with me party?.

For Further information please call (041) 9887885