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Aqua Day Spa Meath is a state of the art award winnng beauty salon which provides almost all available beauty treatments at affordable prices.

With many years experience in the beauty industry Aqua Day Spa Meath run a professional beauty salon service.

Specialising in all aspects of beauty treatments, Aqua Day Spa Meath has earned the reputation of being the best beauty salon in the area. Aqua Day Spa Meath offer a warm welcoming environment and professional beauty treatments at affordable prices, services include, waxing, Applisoux hair reduction, nouveau lashes, spray tanning, hand and feet treatments, body massage, facials, make up, vein removal, needling, shellac nail polish, semi permanent make up, spa packages. Based in Bettystown in Co. Meath, Aqua Day Spa have clients coming from all over the Meath, Louth, Drogheda, Mornington, Laytown, and surrounding areas.

aqua day spaSpecialising in body waxing, Aqua Day Spa Bettystown offer waxing by Lycon as featured on Xpose for very affordable prices.

Professional Beauty Therapists at Aqua Day Spa Bettystown with many years experence in the Beauty industry provide a top quality professional body waxing service. Using the most advance techniques to minimise pain and with excellent results at Aqua Day Spa Bettystown.

Aqua Day Spa Bettystown provide a professional body waxing service using products from Lycon as featured on Xpose.  Using the latest techniques to minimise pain and with excellent results Aqua Day Spa Bettystown offer the best service for all body waxing, services include, waxing legs, waxing arms, bikini line waxing, lip waxing, underarms, chin, affordable waxing, all body waxing, at affordable prices.

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The experts at Aqua Day Spa Meath offer an Applisonix hair reduction and hair removal service.

Applisonix is an ultrasound based hair removing system, it is a pain free hair removal system and without side effects and is available at affordable prices at Aqua Day Spa Meath.

Aqua Day Spa Meath offer a top quality and affordable Applisonix Hair reduction and hair removal service. Applisonix works effectively on all hair colours and is safe for all skin types, services include, hair removal, hair reduction system, unwanted hair, pain free hair removal, effective hair removal, pain free hair reduction, affordable hair reduction, available from Aqua Day Spa Meath.

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Aqua Day Spa Meath offer a range of beauty treatments including laser and semi permanent make up at their state of the art beauty salon in Bettystown.

Quantum laser or medical hair removal is one of the many beauty treatments available at affordable prices from Aqua Day Spa. Aqua Day Spa Meath offer lipo laser fat removal service, quantum laser vein removal, medical diamond microdermabrasion, medical micro-needling treatments.

Semi permanent make up is fast becoming one of the most requested treatments, for those with busy lifesyles micropigmentation is the answer, and is available from highly skilled practitioners at Aqua Day Spa Meath. Aqua Day Spa Meath offer Quantum laser hair removal system, where hair growth is reduced even after 1 treatment, amazing results and pain free, discounts available for 6 sessions. Medical diamond microdermabrasion, medical micro-needling, lipo laser fat removal are offered by Aqua day Spa Meath at very affordable prices, services include, improving skin texture, semi permanent make up, treatment for sun damaged skin, acne scars, reducing wrinkles, healthy skin, reducing stretch marks, I-lipo laser fat removal, vein removal, microdermabrasion, microneedling, LED light therapy and food intolerence testing.

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Specialising in Spa treatments and Spa packages, Aqua Day Spa Meath offers all types of Spa Packages for an individual or group for that special occasion.

All occasions catered for with a professional spa package from Aqua Day Spa at very affordable prices.

Highly skilled beauticians at Aqua Day Spa Meath provide very affordable therapeutic Spa Packages for individuals or groups. A Spa Package from Aqua Day Spa includes many wonderful beauty treatments perfect for a special occasion or gift idea, services include, day spa treatments, spa treatment for special occasions, spa package gift voucher, bridal spa treatment, Wedding beauty, holiday package spa treatment, regenerating spa treatment, birthday beauty treatment package.

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