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Tusker Crane Hire are crane hire specialists in Meath and Louth who provide a complete crane hire service for all commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects throughout Meath and Louthtusker-crane-hire-meath-louth-tusker-construction-group

Established in 1995 Tusker Crane Hire have many years’ experience in crane hire, have a fleet of modern mobile cranes, Risk Assessments are carried out prior to issuing Safety Statements and free quotations on crane hire in Meath and Louth are available.

The crane hire in Meath and Louth provided by Tusker Crane Hire includes; crane hire, mobile crane hire, short-term crane hire, long-term crane hire, multiple crane hire and site surveys for crane hire.

Mobile crane hire in Meath and Louth is a speciality of Tusker Cranetusker-crane-hire-meath-louth-tusker-construction-group

With an extensive fleet of mobile cranes including mobile telescopic cranes, permanent cranes and self-erect tower cranes, Tusker Crane Hire provide crane hire for all types of construction projects, Tusker Crane Hire have cranes available for hire in Meath and Louth.

The crane hire services in Meath and Louth available from Tusker crane hire include; Concrete Crane lifting, Agriculture Crane Hire, Timber House Crane Hire, Tree Cutting Crane Hire,  Steel Lifting Crane Hire, Industrial Mobile Crane Hire and Vehicle Lifting Crane Hire

Contract Lifts are a speciality of Tusker Crane Hire services in Louth and MeathTusker-crane-hire-meath-louth-tusker-construction-group

Qualified in all aspects of crane hire, Tusker Crane Hire provide site inspections and site surveys for heavy lifting equipment, lifting plans are devised and the site inspectors from Tusker will recommend what type of crane is best suited ensuring compliance with CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association)

The site surveys in Meath and Louth carried out by Tusker Crane Hire include site surveys on; crane hire, construction, reconstruction and demolition.

All the crane drivers at Tusker Crane Hire are highly experienced banksmen and riggers are available for hire in Meath and louthtusker-crane-hire-meath-louth

Tusker crane hire is equipped with a team of highly experienced crane drivers, experienced in the operation of crane machinery such as faun rtf 65-4, grove gmk3050, Kato nk-250e, crane operators can advise on the required crane to attain the mass weight to be lifted, what length of jib is essential, and the height of lift required. All projects in Meath and Louth are undertaken by the Tusker group

Tusker Crane Hire can answer any questions you may have when hiring a crane in Meath or Louth including: what’s the cost of hiring a mobile crane, what size of crane is required, how far can a mobile crane reach and how big a crane do I need.

For more information Phone 042 9745071 or 087 807 6752Tusker Construction group- Crane Hire Meath Louth