Xtra Energy Renewables Ltd are PV solar panel contractors in Meath who specialise in heat pump installation and PV solar panel installation in Meath and surrounding counties.

As a sustainable energy engineer in Meath, Sean English, proprietor of Xtra Energy Renewables, is experienced in fitting and servicing all types of PV solar panel systems, is SEAI registered, can advise on available sustainable energy grants and can undertake grant applications paperwork

The solar panel services in Meath provided by Xtra Energy Renewables include; solar panel maintenance, pv panel installation, solar panel installation, heat pump servicing and heat pump installation.

Image shows PV solar panels in Meath supplied by Xtra Energy RenewablesSupplying and installing PV panels in Meath is a speciality of Xtra Energy Renewables.

Familiar in PV panels installation, PV systems are customised to individual requirements, all photovoltaic solar systems supplied comply with the Full Capital Allowances Tax Incentives (SEAI) and storage batteries for night time electricity are available.

The PV panels in Meath supplied and installed by Xtra Energy Renewables include; grant approved PV solar panel systems, photovoltaic panels, PV solar panels, agricultural PV solar panel systems, commercial PV solar panel systems and residential PV solar panel systems.

Image shows solar panels in Meath installed by Xtra Energy RenewablesSolar panels in Meath are supplied and installed by Xtra Energy Renewables.

Accomplished in the installation of all solar panel systems and their components, Sean is SEAI approved, fully insured and uses the highest quality solar panel testing equipment when installing and servicing solar panels.

The benefits of solar panels in Meath installed by Xtra Energy Renewables include; renewable energy source, electricity bill reduction, diverse applications, low maintenance costs and grants.

Image shows heat pump in Meath serviced by Xtra Energy RenewablesHeat pump installation and heat pump servicing in Meath is provided by Xtra Energy Renewables.

Qualified to install and service all domestic and commercial heat pumps, Sean can advise on what type of heat pump is best suited to individual requirements and free quotations on heat pumps are available.

The heat pump services in Meath available from Xtra Energy Renewables include the installation, repair and maintenance of; Dimplex Renewables, Joule Heat pumps, Joule products, Thermia heat pumps, Stiebel Eltron heat pumps, Samsung heat pumps, heat pump filters, water source heat pumps, ground heat pumps and air to water heat pumps.

For more information call Sean 086 1793 336