Bronze & Iron Art Studio are Meath blacksmiths specialising in metal work manufacturing, iron restoration and artistic metal works in Meath and throughout Ireland.

As a local Meath metalwork specialist, Modestas Juskauskas, proprietor of Bronze & Iron Art Studio is a traditionally trained metalworker who has over 20 years experience in all aspects of metalwork, foundry and forge works.

The blacksmith services in Meath provided by Bronze & Iron Art Studio include; metal restoration, iron restoration, bronze brass casting, foundry works, metal forging and decorative metalwork.

Bronze & Iron Art Studio provide metalwork manufacturing in Meath.

By using traditional hand forging techniques, Modestas manufactures all types of metal structures and closely liaises with clients to ensure all works are completed to exact specifications.

The hand forged metal services in Meath available from Bronze & Iron Art Studio includes; hand forged metalwork, iron gates, iron railings, metal furniture, commercial metalwork, decorative metalwork, decorative ironwork, bespoke metal work and artistic metalwork.

Metal restoration in Meath is a specialty of Bronze & Iron Art Studio.

With strong attention to detail and using authentic materials, Modestas restores all types of metal and iron to the highest standards and can advise on the restoration methods best suited to individual requirements and budgets.

The metal restoration in Meath available from Bronze & Iron Art Studio include; wrought iron restoration, cast iron restoration, metal restoration, steel restoration, iron gate restoration and iron railing restoration.

Metal casting in Meath is available from Bronze & Iron Art Studio.

Modestas produces a range of cast metal products, from all types of metals and can work from existing drawings and pictures if required.

The metal casting in Meath provided by Bronze & Iron Art Studio includes; aluminum casting, bronze casting, copper casting, lead casting, decorative metal casting and hardware casting, raw castings, authentic castings, commercial castings, iron blasting, iron polishing, hot iron straightening, iron heat treating and plating.

Bronze & Iron Art Studio create ornamental metal works in Meath.

Highly experienced in artistic metalwork, Modestas creates bespoke ornaments and sculptures from all types of metals with free estimates available on his comprehensive range of metalwork services.

The ornamental metalwork in Meath available from Bronze & Iron Art Studio includes; metal sculptures, iron sculptures, bronze sculptures, copper ornaments, gold electroplating, silver electroplating, copper electroplating and bespoke metal sculptures.

For more information call Modestas on 086 218 8744