Cassidy Tyres  CastletownCassidy Tyres are a tyre centre in Castletown, County Meath who specialise in supplying and fitting tyres in their Meath tyre garage.

As a local tyre fitting centre in Meath, Paul Cassidy, proprietor of Cassidy Tyres, is a fully qualified tyre fitter who supplies and fits tyres for all car makes, light commercial vehicles and 4x4s.

The tyres in Meath supplied by Cassidy Tyres include; budget tyres, new tyres, tyre repairs and premium brand tyres.

Budget tyres in Meath are a speciality of Cassidy Tyres.

Stocking a large supply of quality budget tyres for cars and light commercials, Paul can advise on the most suitable budget tyres for individual vehicles, all budget tyres are NCT and DOE compliant and comply with Road Safety Authority regulations.

The budget tyres in Meath provided by Cassidy Tyres include; value tyres, affordable tyres, cheap tyres, car tyres, van tyres, jeep tyres, 4x4 tyres, SUV tyres, land rover tyres, eco friendly tyres, NCT tyres, DOE tyres and budget tyre fitting.

New tyres in Meath are provided by Cassidy Tyres.

Using up to date tyre fitting equipment, the tyre fitters at Cassidy Tyres inflate new tyres to correct psi and all wheels are balanced prior to refitting to vehicle.

The new tyres in Meath provided by Cassidy Tyres include; low profile tyres, radial tyres, cross ply tyres, H rated tyres, U rated tyres, V rated tyres, W rated tyres, Y rated tyres, ZR rated tyres, high performance tyres, high speed tyres, wet tyres, summer tyres, winter tyres, all season tyres, all terrain tyres and run flat tyres.

Puncture repairs in Meath are provided by Cassidy Tyres.

Applying tyre inside patch technology, the tyre repair specialists at Cassidy Tyres provide quick tyre puncture repairs and all tyre repairs comply with European tyre repair standards.

The puncture repairs in Meath provided by Cassidy Tyres include; punctured tyre repair, tyre spot repair, tyre section repair, tubeless tyre repair, damaged tyre repair, ripped tyre repair, burst tyre repair, tyre patch repair, flat tyre repair, tyre pressure, retreading tyres, lock nut removal, wheel alignment and tyre replacement.

Premium brand tyres in Meath are supplied by Cassidy Tyres.

Premium tyres are manufactured with superior materials and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards, Cassidy Tyres source and fit premium brand tyres that meet exact manufacturer specifications.

The premium brand tyres in Meath supplied by Cassidy Tyres include; Bridgetone tyres, Continental tyres, Maxxis Tyres, Goodrich tyres, Autofgrip tyres, Enduro tyres, Primewell tyres, Dunlop tyres, Goodyear tyres and Firestone tyres.

For more information call Paul Cassidy on 087 282 3855