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Greenline Plumbing Supplies are a wholesale plumbing outlet in Navan, stocking a wide selection of plumbing parts and plumbing accessories in their Navan Wholesale Plumbing shop.

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Ray Purfield, proprietor of Greenline Plumbing Supplies, has many years’ experience in the wholesale plumbing sector and stocks all the plumbing manufacturer's leading brands.

The plumbing supplies available in Greenline Plumbing Supplies in Navan, Co Meath include: Wholesale heating supplies, Wholesale bathroom supplies, Wholesale plumbing spares and Wholesale heat pumps and Wholesale renewable energy supplies.

Supplying Wholesale Heating Supplies in Meath is a speciality of Greenline Plumbing Supplies in Navan.

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Heating Supplies can be delivered directly to all areas in Meath and Ray can arrange fast delivery of plumbing spares directly to plumbers onsite.

The heating supplies available in Ray’s Navan wholesale plumbing shop includes: Oil Boilers, Radiators, Gas boilers, Oil burners, Gas burners, Thermostat, Copper Pipe, Brass Push Fittings, Thermal Actuators, Thermal Control Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Motorised Valves, Zone Valves, PEX Pipe, Cyclinders, Pumps and Alarms.

Wholesale Bathroom Plumbing Supplies are available in Navan’s Greenline Plumbing Shop.

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Ray deals with all the leading electric shower manufacturers and will recommend what type of shower unit is best suited to individual requirments.

The Bathroom Plumbing Supplies available in Navan’s wholesale plumbing shop include: Power shower, Electric shower, Bathroom Fixtures, Faucets, Macerators, Cistern, Taps, Ceramic Tap Glands, Sink Fittings and Sink Fixtures.

Renewable energy products and heat pump sales form a large part of Greenline Plumbing Supplies sales in Navan.

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Ray is familiar with the latest energy saving heating systems available and stocks all the latest heat pump systems, including replacement heat pumps for older heating systems.

The renewable energy products available in Greenline Plumbing Supplies in Navan include: Heat Pumps, Solar panels, Heat Pump Flame Sensors, Heat Pump Igniters and Heat Pump Dual Run Capacitors.

Creating plumbing project designs in Meath is provided by Ray Purfield of Greenline Plumbing Supplies.

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With a wealth of experience in the plumbing sector, Ray has a vast knowledge of how best to integrate new plumbing systems with older plumbing systems and can design plumbing systems for new builds.

The plumbing system designs available from Ray’s Greenline Plumbing in Navan includes: Heat recovery system design, Underfloor heating design, Heat pump system design, Water system design, Oil heating design, Gas heating design, Solar panel design and Venting system design.

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