Sadlier O’ Neill & Co are accountants in Navan who specialise in providing professional bookkeeping, payroll processing and full accountancy services in their Navan accountancy office.

As local Chartered Certified Accountants in Navan, Nora O’Neill, proprietor of Sadlier O’ Neill & Co, has over 20 years experience in accountancy and accountancy services to both large and small businesses are provided.

Accountants Sadlier O’ Neill & Co in Navan provide the full range of accountancy services including; bookkeeping, payroll services and start-up business accountancy.

Bookkeeping in Navan is provided by Sadlier O’ Neill & Co.

Highly conscious of the importance of recording business transactions, Nora uses modern bookkeeping software, spreadsheets and databases thus ensuring all business records are accurate and complete, debits and credits are recorded and both electronic and paper invoicing are provided.

The bookkeeping in Navan provided by Sadlier O’ Neill & Co includes; VAT returns, invoicing, debtor and creditor control, bank reconciliation, tax return submissions and revenue queries.

Payroll processing in Navan is provided by Sadlier O’ Neill & Co.

Knowledgeable in employer obligations to the Revenue Commission, the payroll processing by Sadlier O’ Neill & Co is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), holiday pay, sick leave, bonuses, overtime and taxes are calculated and Nora ensures all payroll submissions are submitted to the Revenue Commission on time.

The payroll services in Navan available from Sadlier O’ Neill & Co include; payroll, revenue returns, payroll calculation and revenue submissions and is an ideal payroll solution for self-employed individuals, sole traders, partnerships, limited partnership companies, designated activity companies, companies limited by guarantee, private companies, public companies and franchises.

Providing accountancy services for start-up businesses in Navan is a speciality of Sadlier O’ Neill & Co.

Experienced in assisting start-up businesses with accountancy advice, Nora can advise on grant and loan applications, applicable VAT rates to start-up businesses, insurance requirements for new businesses and can devise a tax-efficient structure to deal with cash flow projections, budgets and business growth.

The accountancy services for start-up businesses in Navan available from Sadlier O’ Neill & Co include; grant application advice, loan application advice, structuring start-up business plans, cash flow projections, tax-efficient structures and advice on growing a new business.

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