Greenshoots Nurseries is a garden centre and garden nursery in Nobber, County Meath and is operated by Sean Cassidy who has many years experience in Horticulture.

Sean Cassidy owner of Greenshoots Nurseries and garden centre in Nobber, County Meath supply the largest range of plants, flowers and trees at a affordable cost to customers throughout County Meath.

County Meath garden centre and garden nursery Greenshoots Nurseries in Nobber provide a selection of gardening plants and trees throughout the County Meath area including: Maynalty, Castletown, Ashbourne, Nobber, Kells, Navan, Drumconrath, Slane, Trim and Summerhill.

Greenshoots Nurseries and Garden Centres provide garden hedging, Trees and plants of all maturity and species to residential and commercial customers throughout County Meath.

Sean Cassidy landscape speacialist at Greenshoots Nurseries Meath will advise customers on the selection of garden trees and garden hedging suitable for landscaping gardens.

Greenshoots garden centre and garden nursery in Meath stock a large selection of mature and semi-mature trees, shrubs and plants at their nurseries in including: Conifers, Beech, Oak, Willow, Birch, Boxwood plants, Evergreen trees, Escallonia hedging, Laurel Hedging, Holly Evergreen hedging, Garden shrubs, Native Trees and Silver Birch trees.

Sean Cassidy of Greenshoots Nurseries in Meath supply garden flowers, seeds, bulbs including seasonal flowers and summertime flowers for the garden.

Flowering containers and plant display containers of all sizes and makes such as hanging baskets and Terracotta flower pots are stocked at this Meath Garden Centre.

County Meath's Greenshoots Nurseries in Nobber are stockist of garden flowers and flower display containers of all types including: Hanging baskets, Window baskets, Summertime flowers, Spring Flowers, Seasonal flowers, Flower Pots, Flower Containers, Algarve terracotta pots, Flower Bulbs and a selection of Flower seeds.

Meath Garden Centre have on display a selection of annual and perennial nursery grown herb potted plants in their herb garden at Greenshoots Nurseries.

A selection of culinary fresh herb plants suitable for cooking are harvested using entirely natural methods at Greenshoots Nurseries in County Meath by herbal plant expert Sean Cassidy.

Greenshoots Nurseries supply a range of nursery-grown potted herbs and culinary garden herbs at their County Meath garden centre including annual and perennial nursery grown herb such as: Basil herbs, Parsley herbs, Corrainder herbs, Mint herbs, Fennel plant herbs, Chive plant herbs and Mediterranean Herbs.

Landscaping and Gardening expert Sean Cassidy from Greenshoots Nurseries is the Horticultural consultant to the Tidy Towns committee in Maynalty and Castletown in County Meath.

Sean Cassidy of Greenshoots Nurseries in Nobber advises the Tidy Town competitions committees on the successful landscaping required for the towns and village in County Meath.

Sean Cassidy owner of Greenshoots Nurseries and Garden centre in County Meath supplies a large range of garden products in Meath including: Flowering Plants, Trees, Hedging, Flower bulbs, Planting Seeds, Flowering containers, Potted herbs, Garden grown herbs and all garden accessories.

For More Information Contact: 085 8712 708