Black Construction & Civils Limited are concreting contractors in County Meath who specialise in supplying and installing roller compacted concrete surfaces in the private, commercial and agricultural sectors.

As a Meath concreting business, Mark Black, proprietor of Black Construction & Civils Limited is fully insured, has modern concrete laying machinery, a team of skilled concrete finishers and undertakes all types of roller compacted concrete projects.

The roller compacted concrete supplied by Black Construction & Civils Ltd have the following benefits; no need to reinforce concrete, cost effective concrete, high strength concrete, quick drying concrete, can be used over soft ground, unaffected by oil spills, can withstand high temeratures, can be used over large areas, no concrete formwork required, faster concrete paving, reduced resurfacing costs, rut resistant and pothole resistant.

Installing roller compacted concrete in construction projects is a speciality of Black Construction & Civils Ltd.

Resistant to freeze and thaw damage, roller compacted concrete can withstand repetitive heavy vehicle loads and roller compacted concrete surfaces adsorb less heat than standard concrete thereby reducing summer heat build up in densely populated areas.

The construction projects using roller compacted concrete completed by Black Construction & Civils Ltd includes roller compacted concrete; car parks, forecourts, roads, foot paths, container ports, water spillways, reservoirs, freight depots, roads, airport runways, bus depots, train station platforms, concourses, industrial facilities, industrial estates, warehousing, house floors, auto manufacturing areas, factory floors and garage floors.

Private road construction with roller compacted concrete is provided by Black Construction & Civils Ltd.

Resistant to raveling and rutting, Black Construction’s roller compacted concrete dries quickly to a tough hard-wearing road surface and roller compacted concrete roads are installed with minimum disruption.

The roller compacted concrete roads installed by Black Construction & Civils Ltd include roller compacted concrete; private roads, access roads, slip roads, local roads, housing estate roads, industrial roads, low speed roads, arterial roads, streets, byways, cul-de-sacs, frontage roads, lanes, single carriageways, secondary roads and asphalt road foundations.

Roller compacted concrete for agricultural use is supplied and installed by Black Construction & Civils Ltd.

Knowledgeable about the demands the farm environment can have on concrete flooring, Mark uses heavy rollers to compact concrete flooring immediately after installation and roller compacted concrete flooring is more resistant to agricultural chemicals in silage, slurry and manure than standard concrete flooring.

The roller compacted concrete installed by Black Construction & Civils Ltd in agricultural projects includes roller compacted concrete; livestock housing, milking parlours, feeding areas, farm access roads, yards, barn floors, storage areas, grain stores, abattoirs, slurry tanks, silage pits, silage aprons, silo slabs, drying floors, livestock pens and livestock holding areas.

For more information call Mark Black on 086 6024 999.