gates and railings meath logoimage of steel railings from Robbie WoganRobbie Wogan is a steel fabricator in Meath, who specialises in Wrought Iron steel works at his workshop in Slane County Meath.

As a local steel fabricator in Slane, Robbie is a fully qualified welder, has over 40 years experience in the art of steel fabrication, is fully insured, VAT registered, and undertakes all types of steel fabrication projects in County Meath.

The iron works in Meath provided by Robbie Wogan includes the fabrication of; wrought iron gates, iron railings, steel doors, agricultural steel fabrication, industrial steel fabrication, decorative steel works, mobile welding and acetylene cutting.

image of iron gates from Robbie WoganIron gates and iron railings in Meath are available from Robbie Wogan.

Robbie fabricates wrought iron gates and wrought iron railings in a variety of modern and traditional designs and all iron gates and iron railings are galvanised, dipped or painted in accordance with customer specifications.

The gates and railings in Meath available from Robbie Wogan include; wrought iron gates, wrought iron railings, steel gates, steel railings, residential gates, residential railings, industrial gates, industrial railings garden gates and garden railings.

image of steelwork from Robbie WoganAgricultural steel work in Meath is provided by Robbie Wogan.

Familiar with all types of farm yard steel structures, Robbie has pre drawn plans for all common agricultural steel structures, and free estimates on agricultural steel work in Meath are available.

The agricultural steel work in Meath available from Robbie Wogan includes; cattle crushes, cattle pens, sheep pens, calving gates, crush gates, farm gates, cattle feeders and farm railings.

image of mobile welding from Robbie WoganAcetylene cutting/heating and mobile welding in Meath is available from Robbie Wogan.

Robbie provides a complete mobile welding service for residential and industrial steel fabrication throughout County Meath and provides a steel cutting service using modern acetylene cutting torches.

The mobile welding in Meath available from Robbie Wogan includes: acetylene cutting, oxy cutting, farmyard welding, mig welding, arc welding and mobile welding.

image of decorative steelwork from Robbie Wogan

Decorative steel works and repairs to ornamental cast formations is a speciality of Robbie Wogan’s wrought iron workshop in Meath.

Fabricating a wide variety of handcrafted  outdoor wrought iron work and indoor wrought iron work Robbie designs wrought iron items to suit all individual tastes and Robbie can repair damaged ornamental cast formations if required.

The decorative steel works and steel repairs in Meath provided by Robbie Wogan includes; Steel Staircases, Handrails, Garden furniture, Iron bedframes, Fenders, Firegrates, Spark guards, Log baskets, Magazine racks, Candlesticks and Curtain poles.

For more information on steel works in Meath phone Robbie - 086 836 5787.