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GK Valeting are car valets in Clonee, County Meath, who specialise in providing a complete car valeting service at their car valeting centre in Clonee.

Car valeting Clonee

Using the most up-to-date valeting equipment, Garrett, proprietor of GK Valeting, has many years experience valeting, is familiar with cleaning both the interior and exterior of all makes and models of cars, and valeting in Clonee is undertaken on all vehicles.

GK Valeting are located close to Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin and Blanchardstown on the Old Dublin Road Clonee.

The car valeting services in Clonee available from GK Valeting include: car wash, car cleaning, car valeting, exterior car valeting, interior car valeting, car buffing, and car paint restoration.

Exterior Car Valeting in Clonee is a speciality of GK Valeting.

Exterior car valeting Clonee

Using an industrial power hose and washing by hand, all car exteriors are meticulously washed in all hard-to-reach places, cars are thoroughly polished and buffed, and exterior car valeting in Clonee can be arranged at short notice.

The exterior car valeting in Clonee available from GK Valeting includes: car wash, exterior car valeting, car power hose, tar removal, and car polishing.

Interior Car Valeting in Clonee is carried out by GK Valeting.

Interior car valeting Clonee

Using industrial strength car cleaning detergents and industrial car vacuum cleaners, car interiors are cleaned thoroughly, stains in car interiors are permanently removed, and free quotations on interior car valeting in Clonee are available.

The interior car valeting in Clonee available from GK Valeting includes: vacuuming car, cleaning car seats, washing car interior, polishing car interior, car valeting, removing stain inside the car, removing chewing gum from car seats, removing makeup stains in interior of car, and removing coffee stains from inside car.

Car buffing in Clonee is provided by GK Valeting.

Car buffing wheel Clonee

Experienced in removing light car body scratches, Garrett has the latest industrial power tool buffers enabling quick and efficient car scratch removal, and car buffing in Clonee can be arranged at times to suit individual requirements.

The car buffing in Clonee available from GK Valeting includes: car scrape removal, bumper scuff removal, car polishing, scratch removal, paint touch, bumper scuffs, paint correction, and car t-cutting.

Car paint correction and ceramic coating in Clonee is available from GK Valeting.

Car paint restoration brands, Clonee

As a member of the International Detailing Association, Garrett is an authorised detailer for many prestigious detailing product manufactures, including Opti-Coat and SONAX, industry-grade ceramic coating on all types of vehicles is carried out and quotations on ceramic coating cars in Clonee are provided.

The car paint restoration in Clonee available from GK Valeting is ideal for: car paint restoration, car paint chipping, car paint fades, car paint scratches, and car paint scrapes.  

For more information on car valeting in Clonee call 085 118 0846