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David Murray is a professional chimney sweep in Trim County Meath who provides a full range of stove flue cleaning and chimney cleaning in Trim and surrounding areas.

chimney-cleaning-trimAs a local chimney cleaner in Trim, David is a fully registered chimney sweep, highly knowledgeable in all aspects of chimney cleaning and with the latest chimney cleaning and stove flue cleaning equipment all chimney cleaning and stove flue cleaning projects in Trim are undertaken.

The chimney cleaning services in Trim provided by David Murray include: chimney cleaning, stove flue cleaning, chimney sweeping, chimney video inspections, fireback installations, chimney cowl fitting, and all types of chimney cleaning services.

Chimney cleaning in Trim is a speciality of David Murray.

chimney-sweeping-trim-brusheadPrior to cleaning chimneys, all fireplaces are thoroughly sealed, state-of-the-art commercial chimney power sweeping equipment is used to clean all chimneys, tiger boring chimney cleaning chains can be used to dislodge large deposits of soot, soot is removed using heavy duty soot vacuum cleaners and David can arrange chimney cleaning in Trim at short notice.

The chimney cleaning in Trim provided by David Murray includes: chimney sweeping, chimney power sweeping, soot removal from chimneys, chimney descaling, chimney cleaning, and a full range of chimney cleaning services.


Stove flue cleaning in Trim is carried out by David Murray.

Familiar in cleaning all makes of stove flues, and with the latest stove flue sweeping equipment, David has stove cleaning brushes to fit all stove flue types, creosote and tar build-up in stove flues is removed and stove flue cleaning in Trim can be arranged at time to suit individual requirements.

The stove flue cleaning services in Trim provided by David Murray includes: stove flue cleaning, solid flue stove cleaning, tar removal, creosote removal, insert stove flue cleaning, cooker flue cleaning, back boiler stove flue cleaning, free standing stove flue cleaning, pot belly stove flue cleaning and all types of stove flue cleaning services.

Chimney CCTV inspections in Trim are provided by David Murray.

chimney-inspection-cctv-trimUsing the latest technology in chimney CCTV cameras, chimneys are meticulously inspected, chimney footage can be recorded, reports on chimney damage can be compiled for insurance companies and David provides free estimates on chimney CCTV inspections in Trim and surrounding areas.

The chimney CCTV inspection services in Trim provided by David Murray include: chimney CCTV inspections, CCTV chimney crack inspections, CCTV blocked chimney inspections, CCTV leaking chimney inspections, CCTV for chimney insurance claims, CCTV for chimney insurance reports and all chimney CCTV inspections.

Chimney cowls in Trim are supplied and fitted by David Murray.

chimney-cleaning-cowl-trimHighly knowledgeable in the causes of downdraughts in chimneys, David will advise on what type of chimney cowl is best suited to prevent chimney downdraughts, all sizes of chimney cowls are stocked and chimney cowl fitting in Trim is available all year round.

The chimney cowl services in Trim available from David Murray includes, supplying and fitting: bird cowls, rain cowls, anti-down draught cowls, capping cowls, spinner cowls, H-cowls and chimney clay pot cowls.

For more information on chimney cleaning in Trim phone: 046 905 2869 or 087 224 2388