Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  operate an Agri Store in Monaghan, based in Killymarron, Ballinode.  Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  stocks an extensive range of  farming   supplies  and agricultural  supplies ,  farming  tools and  farming  equipment,  making it your one-stop shop for all your  farming  needs!

We stock a large number of  farming   supplies ,  farming  equipment, agricultural  supplies  and agricultural equipment in Monaghan. Agri Store Monaghan is the perfect supplier for customers in the following areas; Monaghan, Emyvale, Castleshane, Clontibret, Rockcorry, Newbliss, Ballinode, Scotstown, Clones and Glaslough.

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  are stockists of a large number of animal feeds, all of which can be found at our store at Killymarron, Ballinode, Co Monaghan.  So whatever feed it is you need give us a call.

We are suppliers of many animal feeds, with a wide range of brands including Dooley’s, Smyths Daleside Feeds, AW Ennis, Patton Feeds, Fane Valley and more. For a comprehensive list of all stocked animal feeds, contact  Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  today!

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd   Monaghan stocks a range of  farming   chemicals and agricultural detergents. We are sole agents for Biocel Products in Co Monaghan. Look no further than  Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  Monaghan for all your  farming  chemical  supplies , agricultural detergents and pest-control agents.

We stock a full range of  farming  chemical  supplies , detergents, sanitizers, pest-control agents and hygiene products. Agri Store Monaghan are main stockists of Biocel  farming  chemicals, agents, detergents, sanitizers and more.

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  offer a range of feeding and animal drinking water solutions. Agri Store Monaghan boast a range of JFC troughs and buckets, in a number of capacities and with various features, ensuring that providing fresh, clean drinking water to your livestock is simple.

We offer a range of water troughs and feeding equipment, including JFC water troughs and JFC water buckets in a range of shapes and sizes.

All manner of outdoor clothing and footwear  is available at the  Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd . Featuring products from Ireland’s top outdoor clothing and protective clothing specialists, we are sure to have what you need to stay warm, dry and safe when facing work outdoors.

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  are suppliers of a range of farming clothing, agricultural clothing, farming footwear, agricultural footwear, outdoor clothing, safety footwear, safety boots, farming boots etc.  Agri Store Monaghan hold a large range of Westaro and Portwest farming clothing and farming footwear.

You’ll find everything you need to cater for your fencing needs, ensuring that you need go no further when looking to place new fencing or upgrade or repair existing fencing.

We have a full range of fencing equipment and  supplies , gates, posts and wire fencing. Agri Store Monaghan are a one-stop shop for new fencing and fencing repairs.

We understand that bedding can be essential in farming. Having the correct bedding for animals can be vital in ensuring safety, cleanliness and warmth when it’s needed most. Agri Store Monaghan offer bedding and shavings to suit your needs.

We are suppliers of agricultural bedding and agricultural shavings.

At  Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  we understand that weeds can be an annoyance. In an agricultural setting however, weeds can be so much worse, threatening crops and hurting your business. As such, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of top quality weed killers.

We are stockists of a range of top brand weed killers, including Round-Up, Gallup 360, Forefront, Dockstar, High Load Mircam and many more.

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  cater for silage covering/wrapping needs. We recognise that quality is paramount when it comes to silage covering and wrap and as such we stock only top brands.

We  supply  silage covers and silage wrapping, with top products from Volac, experts in the manufacture of silage wrapping and covers

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd   are main stockist of oils and lubricants.

We stock a wide range of farming oils and farming lubricants, specialising in Gulf Oil. For agricultural oils and agricultural lubricants, look no further than us.

We recognise that the health and wellbeing of your livestock is essential for you livelihood. As such, we ensure a top quality range of animal doses, remedies and medicines are available to their customers when they need them the most.

We offer a range of agricultural medical  supplies , doses and remedies for your livestock, including such top brands as Animec and Animec Super, Albex Fluke & Worm, Endospec, Tribovax T, Levafas Diamond and Zanil.

 Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd  are also an agent for Calor Gas with 11Kg and 34Kg cylinders available.                                                        

General maintenance and upkeep is essential in keeping a farm up and running on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, we boast an  extensive range of general hardware, so you’re not short on the tools and  supplies  you need to keep everything running smoothly. Visit us for all your general hardware needs.

We stock a range of general hardware  supplies , general  farming   supplies  and  farming  tools.

For agricultural  supplies  of all kinds and general hardware, contact  Cadden   Farm   Supplies   Ltd’s  Agri Store Monaghan at 047 89448 or e-mail Martin  Cadden  at