Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. located in County Monaghan offer a professional building service in the North East that specialise in the conservation and preservation of existing buildings and new buildings. 

Mc Guinness Building Preservation offer a wide selection of building services within the Leinster area that will help you achieve a level of building conservation that is affordable and achievable and all their Building Preservation Work  is catered to each individual needs. 

Mc Guinness Building Preservation can effectively treat any type of woodworm problem that are present is any type of buildings and they are available to provide Woodworm treatment throughout Ireland.

Specialising in the treatment of woodworm is one of Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd many building services. Their woodworm treatment services are available throughout Monaghan as well as the whole of Ireland. There are many over the counter woodworm treatment solvents that can help in the treatment of woodworm but nothing is as effective as the professional woodworm treatment service that Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. can offer.

Mc Guinness Building Preservation provides an effective Dry Rot Treatment in Monaghan and are available to provide Dry Rot Treatment  throughout Ireland .

Dry rot is a wood destroying fungus that is found all over the world.  Dry rot can cause wide spread structural damage if Dry Rot Treatment is not applied in time.  Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. has vast experience in the treatment of Dry Rot in all types of buildings.  As a specialist in Dry Rot treatment Mc Guinness Building Preservation will be able to advise you on how Dry Rot is affecting your buildings and they can quote as to the cost of dry rot treatment.

Rising damp is a term used where the lower area of walls in buildings is affected by the damp rising from the ground.  There are certain factors that might cause rising damp that will need to be surveyed before any action is taken. Mc Guinness Building Preservation provides treatment to prevent rising damp throughout Ireland.

Rising damp can be caused by pipe leaks, incorrect level of wall damp-proof course, missing damp-proof course, defective damp-proof course and even high external ground levels. Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. will provide you with a specialist assessment and will recommend the next stage of action.

Timber resin repair is a method of repairing timber which decayed or become structurally damaged.  The existing timbers can be repaired without removal and replacement of that timber. Mc Guinness Building Preservation Timber resin repair service is available throughout Ireland.

Mc Guinness Building Preservation provides a sensitive way of conservation of existing timbers and minimum destruction of the historic timbers. Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. specialise in Resin Floor Coating. Resin Floor Coating provides a smooth floor surface without any joints facilitating easy cleaning and eliminating hazard.  Resin Floor Coating can also improve the working environment due to it being resistant to most common chemicals, fats and oils.  It can also be made non-slip by the addition of aggregate.

Stone and Brick Restoration and Cleaning is a building preservation service that Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd offers throughout Ireland .

Stone work can become eroded over time and may even become cracked and chipped over time due to water penetration and frost action.  Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. offer a service that includes replacement of damaged stone units with reproduction elements in the original material no matter what stone or can fabricate a cast replication of the original work taken from moulds developed from the existing element. McGuinness Building Preservation offer an economic and reliable method of repairing structural masonry and brickwork by 'overpinning' and permanently reinforcing vertical or stepped cracks in walls. This method restores the strength and stabilises the structure. Subsequent soft mortar re-pointing hides the reinforcing.

Basement Waterproofing is an essential item if you intend to use your basement.  Mc Guinness Building Preservation have vast experience in waterproofing basements all over Monaghan and throughout Ireland.

In order to use a basement comfortably a certain level of dryness needs to be achieved in relation to the desired usage for the basement. Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. can recommend and care out the appropriate type of basement waterproofing that suits your needs and requirements. 

Concrete Injection can repair any cracks that might have appeared within your basement. If you are anywhere in Ireland and you want a basement assessment as to waterproofing or basement structure assessment  Mc Guinness Building Preservation have experience in all type of basement building  projects.

Concrete injection repairs cracks within your basement.  This type of treatment is highly recommended to be carried out by a professional such as Mc Guinness Building Preservation Ltd. who offer such a service to their customers.

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